Feral Child

DS Anderson.1

Colin’s comment in a recent interview about being an actor:

I’m just this sort of feral child; it goes wherever it wants! [laughs]

This seems a very accurate description of himself by himself.  Looking over the past, beginning with Merlin, he has been:

a Sorcerer who dons other characterizations along the way (Dragoon, Dolma, Emrys),

an innocent boy cloistered on an Island away from the ways of the world,

a street kid strung out on drugs, befriending an older man,

a fairy sprite, appearing from here to there, awaiting his master’s call,

a street tough engaged in a rough life with seedy companions,

a cocky, young journalist,

a young soldier ready to die defending his country,

a chauffeur to a gangster,

and now an ambitious police detective,

to be quickly followed by a cyborg human

Ten completely diverse characterizations, all done expertly, with sincere devotion to his craft … one might say lovingly done because acting is his first and only love, and he pursues it with intelligence and humility.  This is another reason so many of his fans admire him, as well as for his remarkable acting talent.  He is an inspiration.


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