The Fall … 2nd Season

Several quotes from Colin regarding his role as DS Tom Anderson in the second season of “The Fall”

He said: “For me I’ve no set approach to a role so where I felt that Tom Anderson was going meant I needed to educate myself and train myself in terms of, I guess interrogation techniques and learning an approach to people and a personable approach to people you can potentially gain things from and that is exactly what his job entails.  “It was about getting insight into the role.”

“One of the things that was important for me to understand was procedure, particularly investigative interviewing techniques. I looked a lot into that, how things can be worded and presented, even down to things like the layout of a room or a crime scene.  As much as you can act, it’s better to have an understanding of what you’re doing.”

“Every actor has a method of doing things and every new role presents you with a new way of doing things. When I get a new role it’s always a case of not what I’m going to do with the character but what it’s going to do with me.”

“I come in just as the net is closing in. More people are casting the net out and I’m one of those. My character is a very talented investigator, a huge asset to the team.”  “It’s one of the biggest police investigations ever held in Northern Ireland, everyone is aware of it. And working with Stella Gibson is a real honour and privilege for Tom, especially as she wants him on the case. He has a lot to learn and he wants to get close to her, by whatever means possible.” 

Does his character get up close and personal with DSI Gibson then? “There are some very close encounters,” he laughs.  “But you’ll just have to watch it and see what happens.” images

DS Anderson.2



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