The Rising .. Support for Colin

Passionate pleas by Facebook fans supporting the choice of Colin Morgan to play Sean MacDiaramada in The Rising.

You need someone who can move people with his voice. Colin Morgan has that voice. Be it a hoarse, dying man’s whisper or a booming speech to the masses – I can say, with utter conviction , people will listen to Colin Morgan’s voice. Sean probably was an orator, but so is Colin Morgan. Choose Sean’s voice to be heard!  Sean was Ireland in those troubled times. Honestly, to me, right now, Colin Morgan is Ireland. Beautiful, mystical, magical, quirky, gifted, hard-working and inspiring. You’d be very fortunate to have this gem in your treasure trove.   Katja Paulsson  (Finland)                                
This is all so very true … Colin’s voice stays with you long after the spoken words fade away. I think he would be the outstanding choice. He gives every role detailed attention through study and hard work. This would be a role, I think, close to his heart, and we would see an incredible, memorable performance.
I still think Colin is the best because he is my favorite actor, the reasons for that is his incredible performances, the way he gives his heart into each role, the dedication and respect he has for every character and story he is involved with. He is delightful to watch and a true inspiration to me, he works with his heart set on a goal of success and excellent delivery. He is charming, handsome, and impossible not to adore. His talent is simply exquisite, natural, genuine, versatile, and so believable. Colin changes himself entirely for a role, his accent, his mannerism, looks, just to fit into the role. He works hard and knows what he wants, and you can’t ask for anyone better.    Aiko Daisuki   (Puerto Rico)
While we are waiting for the official announcement, I wanted to share these two comments.  These posts are incredibly beautiful, inspiring, and completely in the spirit of everything Colin is to so many of us

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