thoughts … A Step Back ?

Reasons why “The Rising” would not be a ‘step back’ for Colin.

There has been recent discussion that taking the lead role in The Rising would be a ‘step back’ for Colin’s career.  To be honest, I am forever baffled by people who set themselves out as experts on his career path … feeling free to state what he should and shouldn’t do next, complete with their evaluation of how the film industry works.  Now that he is becoming more well-known and more people are following his progress, this, of course, will continue to happen.

If you have followed him from the (almost) beginning, you would know from his interviews and comments that he is a modest man whose ambition is to be a great actor, not a great celebrity; he is not a man pursuing fame and fortune.  And while those may be the ambitions for him by some of his fans, why would you want for him what he does not want for himself?  In addition it is well-known that he is a shy man and does not actively seek center stage.  While he is gracious about the attention, he does try to avoid it occasionally and gives himself a breather when it gets overwhelming.

In view of this, I feel sure that Colin’s consideration of participation in The Rising would not be based on whether it is a step forward or back for his career.  I feel that it would have everything to do with whether the role spoke to him and promised to challenge his abilities.   We already know that he follows his heart and pursues roles that challenge and interest him. We already know that fame is not his objective, which he has said many times. “Passionate stories told by passionate people. That’s where I want to be”. He has followed a steady onward path, using his interior radar. I have never yet been disappointed in his choices. He is doing just fine listening to his own internal voice.

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4 comments on “thoughts … A Step Back ?

  1. Concerned ColinFan says:

    Having read all the same interviews etc that you have, I understand equally well how Colin professes to choose his roles, and the fact that he is a reserved person, who acts for the joy of the art and not for fame and the dreaded celebrity. Qualities to be admired indeed!

    However, speaking for myself and several of my friends of a similar age and background, what concerns us about Colin considering the role of Sean MacDiarmada in “The Rising” is nothing to do with it being a backward step ARTISTICALLY. We love the fact that Colin has taken unusual roles in independent British/Irish films and has made them his own. Undoubtedly he would bring the same brilliance and dedication to the role of Sean as to his portrayal of Cathal,Calum, Victor etc..

    What worries us greatly, however, is the potential harm accepting this particular role could do to Colin and his career. Those of us who lived through “The Troubles” and the danger,death and destruction they brought to the British mainland, and especially those of us who lost loved ones to Republican violence, fear anything which could rekindle Irish terrorism, be it Republican OR Unionist. We fear that, just as “Braveheart” with all it’s historical inaccuracies and anti-English sentiment has been used to whip up Nationalist fervour in Scotland, so “The Rising” COULD just possibly become the same kind of propaganda/recruiting sergeant for a fresh wave of violent extremism from one side and the resultant back-lash from the other. “The Troubles” are still simmering away under the surface in N.Ireland and it wouldn’t take much to re-ignite them.

    THAT is why we are so anxious about Colin’s potential decision to take this role. In doing so, there are some who will perceive him to be “getting into bed” with Republican extremism and this could work to his detriment,at least career-wise. It could even lead to either Colin or his family being on the receiving end of abuse or worse from those opposed to the Republican cause, some of whom are also violent hot-heads who might take their actions to extremes.

    I hope that this explanation makes it a little clearer for those who have not understood our fears that the artistic whys and wherefores of joining this film could be the LEAST of our worries!


    • I do appreciate your response, most genuinely, and must admit that being from the US all my life, I have no real understanding of the residual effects of The Troubles on Northern Ireland or Great Britain. The film being a historical reprise had not struck me as one that could foment lingering undercurrents and fears. I understand why you would not want to see that happen. (I think it may be a little like our experience with the Civil War.)

      May I sincerely add my hope that this will not be the case and that the film will take its place among other WWI perspectives currently being filmed in the UK. My best wishes, freeformmagic


  2. Concerned ColinFan says:

    Thank you VERY much for taking my reply on board and understanding my point of view, which, believe me, has not been the case with everyone concerned!! I echo your closing sentiments. For now we must just wait and hope that the fears I share with a group of my compatriots and fellow devotees of Colin Morgan prove unnecessary. My best wshes to you too 🙂

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  3. Twosocks says:

    I would like to add my thanks to the previous commenter for helping me to understand a little better a situation which I have only scanty knowledge of and remembering that in any conflict, people on both sides suffer and are hurt.

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