The Rising … Official Announcement

*It’s official* COLIN MORGAN will star as Rebellion Leader, Seán MacDiarmada.  This link is Colin reading a portion of Seán’s last letter before his execution.
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It would be great if we could help the producers with their funding … even if it’s just a little, let’s pitch in and help get this project to its funding goal.

The Rising.1

I can’t explain what a Very Strong Feeling I have that this role will be Big for Colin.  I mean internationally, very big, including in the Eastern section of the US.  I feel this lead role will catapult him into the eyes of the world as a mature, gifted actor … that his dedication and hard work will be acknowledged by more and more people, and his choice of roles will become even wider.
I don’t like the term “A-List actor”, or any other designation that puts him in with “popular” categories.  He is so much more than that!  There are no categories for Colin.


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