The Rising 1916 … Successfully Funded !

This project was successfully funded about 17 hours ago.   253 backers, €57,100 pledged, goal was €19,160 goal.  An amazing achievement!

Comments from Kevin McCann

With Colin Morgan confirmed for the lead role, ‘The Rising’ will feature a range of Irish and international stars and will look at the revolutionary movement which led to the Easter Rising. The movie will be made in 2015 and released to a global audience in 2016, timed to coincide with the commemorations for the centenary year of the rebellion. This is driving a groundswell of public interest and controversy in the story.

This is not just an Irish story; it is an underdog story. A human story about fighting for freedom from oppression that will resonate with people worldwide.

I began my journey to make this movie back in 2012, gaining support from Leitrim County Council in Ireland. This journey will end with the premiere of the film on St. Patrick’s Day 2016. The project is successfully past the halfway point, and has the support of the government-backed film agency in Belfast, Northern Ireland Screen (“Game of Thrones”, “Dracula Untold”), who have awarded the project two successive development grants.

Since development began in 2012, the project has established key partnerships with those who share my interest and passion in the telling of the story in 2016, including many of the relatives of the 1916 leaders and proclamation signatories. Not only that, but I’m really excited that the project is catching the public’s imagination too.

“Make no lament for me … I die that the Irish Nation may live.”

Seán MacDiarmada
Seán MacDiarmada

Seán MacDiarmada, known to the British as Sean MacDermott, was a remarkable young man; a farmer’s son who grew up to challenge the world’s largest empire. He worked tirelessly to form a successful revolutionary movement in Ireland, acting as the mastermind for a team of driven visionaries who changed the course of history. The last of the leaders to be executed in 1916, Seán was considered a hero by Michael Collins.

Let us raise our heads and remember our heroes.


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