Imitation Game.2

I have just returned from seeing The Imitation Game.  A brilliant, brilliant film in my opinion.  Granted I am an amateur and not a film critic, nor am I educated in all the subtleties of film making.  However, as a viewer, I was deeply impressed with the writers, the actors, the edit choices in cutting from one scene into the next, the occasional glimpses of humor, and the terribly tragic ending of Alan Turings life.  Benedict Cumberbatch was brilliant, the entire cast was excellent, and I suggest you find time to see it if at all possible.

the i-game.1


6 comments on “Imitation Game.2

  1. Twosocks says:

    Got a chance to see this film between the holidays, and I totally agree. A mesmerizing story about real people–no CGI or big explosions. Somewhat sadly, the only theater playing it was on the other side of the city on a single screen in a 20 screen mega theater. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should make the effort. It will make you look at your laptop in a whole new way.

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  2. leahluna55 says:

    This movie has several nominations for the Golden Globe Awards (Jan. 11): Best Drama, best actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), best support actress (Keira K.) and the soundtrack.
    Must be good!

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    • It is good, Leah. Try to see it and tell us what you think.


      • leahluna55 says:

        As soon as it arrives to my country I’ll see it and we’ll talk about it.

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      • I’ll look forward to it.
        We must wait, I suppose, though I don’t understand the delay from one country to the next.


      • leahluna55 says:

        I know that movie will arrive soon to Dominican Republic (DR), because it’s nominated to the awards, and if they are showing it in USA, maybe will be here by next month.
        I’m following a Dominican blog about movies (Cinemaforum) and they always announce the upcoming films and show the previews. You can check it out, it’s on my page (I know the Spanish is a problem) but I like the way the authors make the reviews, so thoughtful and intelligent.
        I think the delay from one country to the next depends on the distributor, for us is very difficult to get European films unless they are nominated or are represented by a well known USA distributor. Maybe we will have difficulty to see Testament of Youth in a cinema unless it arrives to USA. The same will happen with The Rising. Imagine, I saw Merlin in 2013 after it was finished.
        It’s sad, but by the end everything is about $$$$$, and those films that are really good we don’t get to see them but in our own TV screen or streamed. People who doesn’t have access to the computer technology and internet like in my country (a lot), they go to cinemas and see whatever they are showing, mainly “commercial movies”.

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