How Colin prepares for a Role

Two links listed below … both Colin interviews …

The first one is most informative about how Colin prepared to audition for the role of Victor Richardson.  This attitude of study applies, as well, to any role he pursues .  (He does seem to have a script with him all the time.  We love and admire that he is serious and committed to excellence in everything he does.)

The second is about his role as Victor.  It also includes comments on upcoming tv series “Humans”, as well as the film “Legend”.

A favorite comment regards “Humans”:  Colin says he’s really in love with it.  And so shall we be, I’m sure!


Colin speaks about the film and what it was like working with the cast.
It’s brilliant. It’s an emotional and truthful and heartfelt account of what happened and to be a part of that, to represent, to have that duty to those people is a privilege and it’s an honor as an actor. You’re studying people’s lives, you’re reading their words, you’re speaking their words and you’re essentially representing them. I think that’s what a lot of us will say, we did feel a duty, we had to honor them.


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