Island …

A few years past, Colin joined the cast of a small, independent company’s effort to bring Jane Rogers acclaimed novel to the screen.  His portrayal of the shy self-conscious young man, caught unknowingly in a plot of revenge against his mother, is memorable.  We have posted comments on this role of Colin’s, which is one of our favorites.  The Island pages are on the Home menu bar next to Merlin if you want to read further or join the discussion and add your thoughts.


There are three pages:  The Story (which many of you may already know ), The Performance (which includes impressions left by Colin’s beautiful portrayal), and The Controversy (which has to do with my interpretation of a particular scene).


3 comments on “Island …

  1. leahluna55 says:

    Bravooooo!! Love this.


    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to your comments on each of the pages. I hope you will visit them all. This is the most fun when we can interact and talk about your impressions as well.

      Tell me about your impression of Colin’s quote: “his heart is beating somewhere inside me”.


    • Leah, I provided individual pages for Island: The Story, The Performance, and The Controversy. I did that so each one would have a reply box of its own. Tell me what you would like to add or question.


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