The Performance – Island

His portrayal of this damaged boy was exquisite. He was sweet and vulnerable and filled with the magic of the world around him. Calum was beautifully delicate and fragile … an elusive, ethereal creature of the island … with a subtle wisdom … who escapes the demands of an overbearing mother by retreating into an aerie world of his own.

island.10The physical closeness of this girl is awakening other forces within him. Forces not so easily escaped and of which he is unsure. There is nothing forced or artificial in this performance … it flows effortlessly from within, a genuine awakening into a world outside of his chosen retreat

island.11And, about the “incident” … Nikki was in control and led him to the edge; she knows this. He is abjectly remorseful, tearful, and painfully unhappy that he may have hurt her. I must say that Colin’s performance carried with it every bit of that emotional turmoil.

The performance hints at another side of Calum. An anger that when provoked is unmanageable. The shock of overhearing the truth about Nikki overwhelms Calum with feelings of shame and betrayal. The rage shows on his face as he bursts through the door and strikes his mother. There was definitely an impact seeing Colin display such fury … such uncontrolled anger. (and it was disturbing … which hints at its authenticity.)

The weight of the revelation is left for the end … and is played with tender poignancy. The sounds of his words echoing long after the final curtain. “If you never leave me, I’ll never leave you ….”  

island.4I liked the impact Calum’s innocence had on the hardened Nikki. It was all slowly and subtly played … ebbing and flowing, like the rhythms of the island itself. A haunting film, I thought … and a performance worthy of repeated viewings.


Colin’s ability to orally recite these island stories is very moving. His voice and his phrasing bring them to life. He is a true storyteller in the historic tradition of Northern Ireland.


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