Newton Pulsifer and Sergeant Shadwell

Give a lift to your morning … or any time of day … and take the time to listen to this delightful edition of Newton’s first conversation with Sergeant Shadwell … including the “Witchfinder’s Kit. List of Essential Equipment”.  (described at about 3:50)

good omens.1Accompanying artwork is whimsical. And watch for the notes at the bottom of certain pages.

If you want to hear Newt’s enthusiastic response to his interlude with Anathema, proceed to 26:14.

2 comments on “Newton Pulsifer and Sergeant Shadwell

  1. Twosocks says:

    I am so glad iTunes decided to carry this, too. For some reason I have difficulty with Audible. “Armour of Rightousness–check.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your comments. This really is so much more fun when we can have little conversations. I didn’t know about iTunes. Thank you for that information.


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