ToY Film Review (excerpts)

Contributed by leahluna55


The supporting cast, including Kit Harrington, Taron Egerton and Colin Morgan additionally present likable, sympathy-provoking characters that work well together on screen to portray young Oxford school friends whose lives change dramatically due to war. These characters are individual, distinctive characters that clearly have their own depth within the film.

The three males all showed the ability to convey what their characters were thinking without using dialogue. When any were conflicted or trying to hide something, it was clear for the audience to see, which I found really gave a deeper insight into those characters, enforcing more of a connection between character and audience.

Morgan’s ability to tell the audience so much more about his character than the visuals and dialogue does is mesmerising, and at specific moments in the film, you can pinpoint what he is thinking and why he has said or done a certain thing ….

This film gives justice to the memory of these characters, who were real people, and portrayed their life stories without sugar coating it. It discusses the loss and suffering of all during the war, and not just British soldiers and citizens, but everyone.



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