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The Last Dragonlord    Best Performances … The Last Dragonlord

From first to last all the quality of Colin’s silent ability is very evident. But I had never seen any comments about it on the IMDb threads.  These were the ones that stood out for me:

His reaction when he apologizes to Arthur for having to fight the Dragon, and Arthur says, “Why, it’s not your fault.”  Of course, Merlin does feel responsible … and the distress shows on his face.

His reaction to Gaius’ telling him that Balinor is his real father. There is shock, dis-belief, anger, and sadness all in those few moments. I found myself recoiling for him … he seemed trying to protect himself from all the thoughts that overwhelmed him.


His reaction(s) to meeting with Balinor. First: he can’t avert his gaze, even when Balinor tells him to bring Arthur inside. He continues to take in all that he can see in these precious few moments, which are to be his first memory of this man, his father; and, therefore, he does not react immediately, until Balinor says forcefully, “fetch him!”.


His rapt interest as Balinor heals Arthur.

After, when he and Balinor are sharing the meal and Balinor says, “who are you” … it really seems to me that when Colin says, “I’m ….. Merlin”, (with that hesitation) he has this hope in his face and voice that perhaps the name will mean something to Balinor … that perhaps Balinor and Hunith had discussed the naming of a son and Balinor might make a connection.

But the most beautiful moments of this episode, to me, were when Merlin reveals to Balinor that he is his son … and these two wonderful actors approach each other without words to acknowledge their approval, each to the other … in a silent acceptance of their relationship.


There are the wonderful interactions with Balinor about what could have been.
“We could have come with you … We’d have been … happy.”
“I see her in you … you have her kindness.” “Good night, son” “Sleep well Father …”

What follows is the heartbreaking reaction to his father’s dying moments …on his face unbearable pain at losing him after so short a time.  And later, being unable to share his grief, certainly not with Arthur … having to contain all that sorrow until he could be with Gaius, who would be the one to understand.

Balinor's loss

At the end, after his tearful ultimatum to Kilgharrah … and Kilgharrah’s response:

Merlin.Kilgharra's words

We see the humility in our young hero when he assures Arthur that he, Arthur, has been victorious in defeating the Great Dragon.  “You did it!”, he proclaims.  And, yet, the second, “You did it” said quietly and without fanfare was intended for himself, as he acknowledged receipt of his father’s gift.

This episode carries with it strong confirmation of this young actor’s skill and talent, which promises to continue to grow through the years, and which we will follow every step of the way.

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25 comments on “Merlin Memories.2

  1. Twosocks says:

    This is the one episode I have on my phone. (There are a fair number of others on my iPad. )

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    • How wonderful. I have notes on many more which I plan to add to the blog. There are so many! What are your favorites … if they are not on my list, I can add them to mine for the future. I think, for me, the next one will be the last episode of S1. Poignant, wonderful stuff between Merlin, Gaius, Hunith, and Arthur.


  2. leahluna55 says:

    Last night I celebrated Mozart’s birthday by watching the film “Amadeus” directed by Milos Forman. It’s a long and a wonderful movie! Having my heart filled with Mozart’s music (my favorite composer) before going to bed I decided to watch one of my favorite Merlin’s episode, and it was exactly that one: The Last Dragonlord. This episode touches my heart in an indescribable and deep way: many different feelings all produced by the “unspoken words”.
    Both actors (Linch and Morgan) are mesmerizing, emotionally moving and reveal a sensitive acting. All those parts you have pointed out are the most touching and relevant moments, but I want to add something else: after being on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the whole episode what makes me feel relieved is to know that there’s hope for Merlin’s loss. The last scene showing Gaius and Merlin encounter when he arrived to Camelot, the words Gaius said with a big hug offering himself as a father.
    “My boy” says Gaius “I could never compare with your father, but you still got me”.
    Merlin’s smile with a look of complicity is priceless !!! And only on that moment I let my tears flow.
    Thanks for this post, freeformmagic.

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  3. It is interesting that you mention Mozart. From my youth my favorite composer … my favorite music. I wrote some thoughts a few years ago which compared the effect of Colin to music. I quote them here to share them with you.

    “I have struggled to describe what this young actor brings to me … the impressions he leaves. Many times over the past years … when I first met Merlin and then continuing with him on his journey, I have tried to explain how Colin’s talent affects me …

    “It’s like listening to a symphony … the subtle shadings … the changes in tone … the quality of his voice, the very timbre of it … the emotion that resides in his face that brings me with him, especially on his emotional journeys.”

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  4. Dear Leahluna,

    I wanted to respond to your recollection of Gaius and Merlin at the end of this episode. So endearing and lovely. Your heart being touched by their relationship, as was mine.

    I hadn’t included it in the post. It is difficult sometimes to find the place to end … the last note, so to speak. Depending on all that had preceded it, my “flow”, “feeling”, was to leave it with Merlin’s declaration to honor his father’s gift. I am glad that you added your feeling about his reaction to Gaius’ words. Gaius is the physical father he will always be able to rely on. Beautifully done and very important to the continuing story. Thank you.

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  5. leahluna55 says:

    Merlin and Gaius, their relationship has always touched my heart. ❤

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  6. Twosocks says:

    Favorite episodes? Had to think a bit on this one. Most of the double episodes, a good chunk of season 5, and the ones with really good scenes like “Shadow” and, of course the one that started everything–“The Dragon’s Call.”

    I used to skip around and pick and choose (I like to watch Merlin when I knit), and realized I was missing a lot of the little gems in other episodes. So now, after sobbing through 5/13, I just put in 1/1 and start the whole journey all over again.

    I am sure the episodes you choose will be good ones. Rereading your post, I loved that you caught “I’m Merlin.” Two words that spoke volumes.

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    • Of course, the Sorcerer’s Shadow and that lovely dialogue, “It’s lonely …”, spoken as only Colin can. It stays with you, and always with the same emotion attached.

      It’s wonderful to hear from someone who loved 5/13. All the weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth over that episode just left me bewildered. What were they looking for? Well, they wanted Arthur to live, of course. And so they missed the wondrous revelation and acceptance by Arthur, as well as the poignant strength of Merlin’s gentle devotion,

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  7. leahluna55 says:

    May I suggest The Moment Of Truth, Season 1 E-10? It’s the first episode we see Merlin’s mother.

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    • Of course you may! We are getting into really fun stuff now … the sharing … that’s what I love!

      Finding people to share Colin / Merlin with has not been easy for me. We are filled with this enchantment and can find few, if any, right around us who have the same interest. It is glorious to find you and Twosocks … and to share.

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      • leahluna55 says:

        Uao! many comments, great!
        First, Mozart:” Amadeus” is the best , it’s in Netflix. As the 27th was Mozart’s Anniversary all my Music History students had to watch “Amadeus” for homework, and so I did. Next class we’ll discuss about it, the music and the historical aspects, the acting, etc.
        Mozart is my favorite composer, love all his repertoire plus the Mozart Effect is something interesting to talk about. I’m writing about this for my blog (in Spanish) but I promise I’ll translate it for both of you: Freeformmagic and Twosocks. 🙂
        Mozart’s Requiem is one of his greatest composition although he didn’t finish it but his student Sussmayr did.

        Merlin: all those suggested episodes are wonderful!
        Sometimes I just pick one episode to watch before going to bed and it’s so refreshing. Takes all the music (from music classes) out of my head.
        Sorcerer’s Shadow, The Dragon’s Call, The Beginning of The End, Poisoned Chalice, The Sins of The Father and the whole Season 5, all of them have interesting stuff to talk about.

        Santiago Cabrera: We all Latinos are very proud of him, he is talented and charismatic.
        There’s an old series named “Heroes”, it’s in Netflix. I used to watch it with my kids and he is there, his character is Issac Méndez a painter. That was the first time I saw Cabrera and then in Merlin and The Musketeers. I know he’s made other films, in Spanish probably subtitled in English. I’ll check and let you know.

        Sorry if my post is too long! This sharing is really nice.
        Everyday I am thrilled to know what’s new in bbcdiscovery. It’s fun and it’s a blessing! ❤


  8. Twosocks says:

    I just fell down this rabbit hole last summer looking for other things besides The Musketeers that Santiago Cabrerra was in! “Moment of Truth” would be one of my picks, too, along with maybe “The Beginning of the End.”

    Leahluna–any specific suggestions on Motzart?

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    • Santiago Cabrera is certainly worth pursuing! Had a friend at work watching Merlin with me who saw “Lancelot” and has never been the same!

      A rabbit hole, indeed! 🙂


    • Leahluna will have her own reply … but my first suggestion is to watch Amadeus … so much of his wonderful music is used in that film … especially The Requiem.
      Now that you and Leahluna have awakened that remembrance … I intend to spend the rest of this beautiful Sunday watching again that wonderful film.


  9. Twosocks says:

    Thanks to both of you, I have added Amadeus to my wish list. I already have Heroes. Freeformmagic–you must be in California. We have lucked out and the freezing line has stayed just north of here but I understand Chicago is getting hammered. Leahluna–thanks for the translation! I lived in the southwest for a while and attempted to learn some Spanish. About the best I could do was translate the signs at the bank–partly because there was one in English right next to it.

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  10. Raised in Northern California … not San Francisco! Way north, foothills of Sierra Madre. However, now I reside in Northern Utah … very much the same in the way of temperature and geography … with the addition of snow. However, it has been a very mild winter.

    I keep the google translator handy when looking at Lauluna’s blog. It helps. She writes in English so beautifully, it’s easy to just let her do the work! (blushing!)

    I like your sense of humor Twosocks … 🙂

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  11. leahluna55 says:

    Both of you are in the West of USA?

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  12. leahluna55 says:

    So far from me! I’m in the middle of the Caribbean.
    We are in the same time zone of Florida. What will be the difference in hours of Utah and California with Dominican Republic? I know it took me a whole day traveling to Los Angeles, California. It’s a very long trip!


  13. We are Mountain Time Zone … California is Pacific Time Zone. It appears it is 3 hours later for you there than here in Utah. The World Clock tells me it is about 4:30 pm, Feb 1st, there. It is 1:30 pm, Feb 1st, here. There is another hour difference for California.

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  14. Twosocks says:

    I’m actually in the Midwest–the Illinois side of the St. Louis metro area. If it weren’t for trees and houses in the way, I could see the Gateway Arch from here. So I guess I’m right in the middle! My sisters all still live out west. One Is in Denver, one in Yuma and one a bit north of San Diego–I went to high school and college in about the same area. I imagine there are quite a few people a little north of me who would love to be in the middle of the Carribean right now.


  15. leahluna55 says:

    Twosocks, are you closed to Michigan? My son is studying in Kalamazoo and I’ll go to his Graduation Ceremony on May 2015. It takes a whole day to get there: Santo Domingo- Miami, Miami-Chicago and Chicago-Kalamazoo. I’ll spend some time sightseeing Kalamazoo, Detroit and Chicago with my son after his graduation.

    In Santo Domingo we have a stable climate: sun all the year long. It’s really hot, around 35 degrees Celsius and more, but now we are having our “winter” and the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. It’s the coldest we get, jejejeje =D
    All are welcome to my country, I recommend to visit us during “winter and spring”, but in “summer” anyone melts, it’s very very hot, even for us.
    We have beautiful beaches with white sand and lots of palm and coconut trees. Our Caribbean Sea is completely blue and in some parts it’s turquoise, really beautiful. And so is the sky, light blue.


  16. Twosocks says:

    Kalamazoo is quite a bit north. Chicago is about a four and a half hour drive from here. We tend to joke that in Illinois there’s Chicago and then the rest of the state. If you tell people you live in Illinois, they immediately think you mean Chicago. I looked at the weather radar and Kalamazoo is pretty much getting snowed on.

    White sand and palm trees sounds lovely!

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  17. Twosocks says:

    The town I live in is called Granite City, but if you look on a map, look for St. Louis, Missouri, and then look right across the river. The Mississippi is between here and St. Louis.


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