A Very Young Colin

Here is a video clip to enjoy.  Colin is infectious with his enthusiasm, his smile, his laughter, his passion. The challenge is to view this video without a smile spread across your face all the way through …..  Couldn’t do it?  Neither could I.  :-).

First memory:  At 0:45 he talks about how his first memory of the theatre was seeing a Panto with his primary school.

The hardest scene:  He makes mention (at 1:53) of his thoughts about the emotional scene coming up for him in Season 2.  He talks about how difficult it was as Colin to comprehend such a thing and bring the emotion of it to the series.  We are not sure if he is speaking of losing Freya or losing his father.  But we know now that he brilliantly captured both.

The subtitles are translated & added by the Chinese fan subgroup, Koushuidou, which is formed by some Merlin fans in China. Subtitles are always welcome; we thank Koushuidou for this contribution to Merlin fans who sometimes find Colin’s accent a little challenging.


2 comments on “A Very Young Colin

  1. Twosocks says:

    It always brightens my day when “bbcdiscovery” turns up in my inbox–and it looks like another post just came in!

    When the subject of movies and the theater comes up, I try to explain to my European girlfriends why Americans like to watch movies in their homes and theater is almost out of reach.

    I live in a big metropolitan area and going to a play is problematical. There is a small Rep company here. I have no idea what tickets cost because I went as a guest, but it IS pretty much high class and dressed to the nines.

    There are a couple of bigger venues but they run musicals and high visual acts like Blue Man Group. They all have considerable parking issues–you may as well tack on two hours just getting in and out of parking lots–and two are in places you probably don’t want to be walking around at night. One couple were fatally hit by a car just last night after leaving one.

    Even though I couldn’t make use of it just now, I have hopes that in time live streaming will enable the whole world to participate in theater. I know the Old Vic has shown a few plays here, but they are usually in theaters in New York, which, for me, might as well be on the moon.

    SIL and I do have a running daydream of mortgaging our houses, facing Heathrow and spending a couple weeks in London!

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  2. It appears that in Europe theatre is much more accessible. (More’s the pity for us!) The closest I have found is local children’s theatre … of course the fare is mostly fairy tales and stories like The Three Musketeers … but it is very casual, the atmosphere is one of great enthusiasm, the actors remain after the performance to greet the guests big and small, and it is great fun for a very small price. 😉


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