A Dream Coming True …

Now that we are in the video mood … here is another favorite.  He laughs … and that joyous smile crinkles the corners of his eyes with delight.  He is giving his character depth and scope.  His dream is coming true.

In this conversation with James Hawes, director, Colin laughingly describes his idea of Merlin’s scripted relationship with young Guinevere as: “A mate … ”

If there is ever a role Colin can play which takes him as he is here … all black, glossy, unruly tousled hair and blue eyes rimmed with black lashes, shy and sweet … well there will be many, many more captured hearts across the world than even there are now!


2 comments on “A Dream Coming True …

  1. Twosocks says:

    I love his sideburns. My husband had them when he was younger. One scene I would have liked to see in Merlin would be Merlin trying to shave and get ready for work in the morning with Arthur yelling at him from the hallway to hurry up!


  2. leahluna55 says:

    Love his black hair!


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