Everything is New !

Colin’s eagerness, his joy, is contagious!  He has the gift of enthusiastically appreciating every day life sets before him and every challenge contained in those days, including the work it takes to excel.  Our lovely Leahluna55 has requested this video.  Again he mentions The Panto.  I would love to see this exciting idea brought to our theatre experience here… what fun it could be!


8 comments on “Everything is New !

  1. Twosocks says:

    Work hard, never stop learning and do it with enthusiasm and a smile–life lessons for all of us.

    Seeing a Panto looks like it would be so much fun for the audience and for the actors. Like being a kid again. Allowed to play and be silly.

    Was talking to SIL the other day about Good Omens and trying to explain how they do radio plays in the UK–you know, like they USED to do here in the US. I sometimes think we have lost something along the way.

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  2. Twosocks says:

    Did you know this has been reblogged! Opened my Tumbler dashboard and there is was! Someone else loves your stuff. (colinmorganismagical) That picture of Leo was there, too.

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  3. Yes, thank you, Twosocks, for the lovely compliment.

    I am honored that colinmorganismagical has been reblogging from bbcdiscovery. 10 tumblr posters have become followers, mainly from those posts. I still haven’t learned how to reblog from tumblr to wordpress, This is very new to me … just started in October. Getting used to the terminology and how-to’s.

    And thanks for the picture of Leo … he looks very dark, and interesting, I think. The picture of a “young man on the run”.

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  4. leahluna55 says:

    I have a Tumblr account and started following bbcdiscovery when somebody reblogged the post about the Rising. Immediately I fell in love with this blog: poetic and coherent at the same time and written from the heart. I hope you get many followers!

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