City Omniplex screens Colin Morgan movie debut after Armagh I steps in!


on Feb 3, 15

Armagh actor Colin Morgan’s big screen debut ‘Testament of Youth’ is to be screened in his native city – after Armagh I made a call! We were inundated with messages complaining that the epic World War I drama, featuring Merlin star Colin as Victor Richardson, was not being shown in Armagh. Locals were being forced to travel to Newry,  Lisburn and elsewhere if they wanted to see the young city star of which the people of Armagh are so rightly proud.  Armagh I contacted Omniplex and they told us that, if demand was sufficient, it would likely be shown.

Looks like demand was sufficient then!

Colin, whose remarkable career the good people of County Armagh have been following with a vested interest, shines in this lavish retelling of Vera Brittain’s stark memoir.

It has been described as a story of love, war and remembrance set during World War One.

The true and historic tale revolves around the young Vera’s life, where she turned her back on a scholarship to study at Oxford and, instead, became a nurse during the First World War.

It is very much a coming of age tale and, as Colin says, it was an “eye opener” to be involved in bringing it to the big screen.

We’re delighted that the Omniplex has decided to show this movie – it’s only right that the people of Armagh can enjoy this cinematic outing from this rising young star.


One comment on “City Omniplex screens Colin Morgan movie debut after Armagh I steps in!

  1. Twosocks says:

    I am expecting this to be somewhat like the problems we had trying to see The Imitation Game. One screen of a megaplex way over on the other side of the city.


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