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We have begun a wonderful thing here … but how to manage it?  I have suggestions, pros and cons, caveats and creativity, but no solutions just yet.  So, my fellows, so eager to get started, this may take a few days.

This began when comments on a few particular posts started to grow exponentially and wander about taking on a life of their own.  I think we last left it at wondering about “fey” children. 😉   This is all great, of course.  I began to wonder how to capture this energy for the blog.  A few days later, leahluna requested that we try the same thing.  And the ideas are germinating, kicking around in the brain, and waking up brain cells. … there will be an answer … and it is …

We have created a Chat Room, accessed from the Home menu … join us anytime.

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13 comments on “Conversations

  1. I am questioning whether to make this a Page, a series of Posts, or start a new blog. (… not really happy with that last answer, but it is in the mix.)

    A Page would be a “stream of consciousness” type of conversation … additions or comments would not attached to a particular subject but would appear as just the next “reply” downstream. For instance, look at Merlin Reprise Season 1 or 2 to see how that idea would work.

    A series of Posts would individually show up on the blog amidst the other postings (is that okay … invite the world … why or why not?), but would each have their own reply box making it easy to return to a particular subject … if this continues to grow, as it appears to be now. There would be one Category called “Conversations” in the Topic menu (see it there now) which would gather access to all posts in the conversation(s), allowing access to a particular topic for further comment no matter how far down the stream it eventually will fall. I’m thinking no tags, just one category which keeps it internal. Thoughts on that?

    Its own blog would be an answer, but not one I am fond of. (convince me?)


    • Also, when it comes to Pages, I can create secondary pages under the “parent”, as I have done with Island and Merlin … but not sure how long this list of secondary pages titles will become. We are still experimenting … 🙂


  2. Twosocks says:

    I don’t want to kill people. Mornings are fine, especially now that I don’t have to go to work!

    No real idea about this. The one other place that I actually do any talking on is Ravelry. Our particular group is small and we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. Each group uses threads similar to what you do. Of course, keeping on topic is difficult there, too. We actually have one that’s pretty much “anything else you want to talk about.” And our moderator is pretty casual about staying on topic. I think you can sign in as a guest if you want to take a look, and if not, it’s totally free, so nothing lost. I’m Twosocks over there, too.

    One of the problems I find with things like Tumblr is that there’s really no back and forth. So I just use it pretty much for updates like when is Colin’s next project coming out and pretty pictures.

    Whatever you decide, I love the conversations that are going on here and being able to join in on them. I try to remember to click the email replies button, so haven’t had too much problem following along.

    And lastly, just “thank you.”


    • Twosocks … I don’t want to kill anyone either, but thought it a funny, tongue in cheek, remark! Especially, since I am one of those people mentioned. Very much a morning person, with relatives who are not. Yes, I agree Tumblr … leaves no room for conversation but is really good for updates on Colin’s career path.
      Please read the “comment” I have made on this posting. There are some options, and I would appreciate your input on them. So, just as we have already been doing under “Cathal” and a couple of others, we would continue to do. Let me know your thoughts. I can’t finalize this until next week (or whenever) because I leave early tomorrow for a short trip out of town. Best, ffm


  3. Twosocks says:

    By the way, if you find Ravelry to your liking and would like to start a Colin Morgan group–sign me up! You don’t have to knit, crochet or weave. There was a Merlin group that was active for a while but died out when the series ended. There are patterns for a red scarf and the purple mitts that Morgana wore. And we talk about lots of things. We have a current RAL–Beowulf.


    • Well, this really IS my Colin Morgan group. I made it more general so that other good things wouldn’t seem out of place. As you have seen, Colin Morgan is the main focus here. But, feel free to start comments about Beowulf, if you would like.


  4. Twosocks says:

    There’s one out there “I knit so I don’t kill people!” I just used Beowulf as an example to explain that it’s not all about knitting. In fact, most times it’s hardly about knitting. Several of the girls in our group have their own blogs, too.

    Looks like we are both going to be doing a bit of traveling. My sisters and I are having our annual get together in a couple weeks. One of the nice things about iphones and ipads–they go with you everywhere.


  5. Two socks says: I haven’t figured out how to do the ‘Likes’ so add a couple thousand more–to every post. I have read these interviews and even bookmarked them. I think they are about the best ones out there, so a discussion along these lines would be great!

    One of the great draws for me about Colin’s performances is how varied they are–sometimes (often) within the same play, episode or film. One of my favorites is that little look he gives as Juno in the Tempest. While I think seeing Mojo would have been wonderful, if I had to choose it would be Vernon God Little. Glen Campbell, almond side-by-sides and line dancing! I assume in that little clip I saw he was purposely doing it badly!


  6. Twosocks says:

    My IT abilities are so minimal, I would have a hard time giving any kind of advice on how to run a blog. I still don’t really understand “tags.” I’m sure whatever you choose will be great.

    I do also like that you give us heads up on other BBC series, etc.


    • I have just created a Page (find it on the Home Menu Bar). It is called “Conversations” and when you mouse over it you will see a drop down selection called “Colin’s Privacy”. This is how our idea would work as a Page … and there would end up being many drop down menus, not sure how that will work. Anyway, go there, and you will find that you can add your comments to the conversation. Let me know what you think.


  7. Twosocks says:

    I don’t seem to be able to get the ‘drop down.’ Maybe due to using an iPad. I also haven’t seemed to be able to find ‘Merlin Reprise.’ It would be unfair to others to limit what you can do on your blog. If I can still get email notifications I can probably follow along. I love your site, and will continue to be a regular visitor. (The problem with the ‘Like’ is probably due to my not being able to remember which password I use.)


    • My daughter has an ipad also, and I noticed when seeing how bbcdiscovery looked on her device, the Main Menu Bar was practically invisible. I will find out from her about the drop down menu.
      The other question: You don’t need a password to register a “like”. You only need to click on the headline to bring up the extended page. So place your curser on the headline, that should underline it, then click your mouse, and the extended page should appear. It will look just like the original page but will be longer to allow for Like and Reply options on the bottom of the page. Continue to tell us if you have trouble. We can probably figure it out between all of us. Good luck, ffm


  8. Twosocks says:

    A side note–perhaps there are other followers who use an iPad and would be willing to educate me a bit. I am sure I am just missing something simple.


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