Testament of Youth … dvd release


This dvd release date has now been moved to 25 May 2015, with a delivery date of June 2-6.

Testament of Youth on dvd is being released May 18, 2015 by Amazon.UK

It is time for all Colin fans in US and Canada to purchase an All-Region DVD Player.  Honestly, it is not any more expensive than our usual ones, but will play dvd’s from all over the world.  Region 2 players will play anything from the UK, but as long as you are spending, why not get the All-Region and be prepared for anything.

After I ‘met’ Colin and became so interested in him and his career path, I gave my regular dvd player to a friend, bought an all-region player and have never regretted it for one moment.

Today, I am placing my pre-order with Amazon.UK and am counting the days until it arrives.  It may arrive even before the film is released to theatres in my own country.  Isn’t that a bit weird?


3 comments on “Testament of Youth … dvd release

  1. Twosocks says:

    I bought a region free DVD player several years ago. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. No longer have to pay attention to warnings about a DVD being region 2.

    Preordered Testament of Youth right after I saw it was coming out in May. I order quite a bit from Amazon UK. Sometimes the price is cheaper even with shipping charges. Maybe a bit too much, because they apparently know I knit socks. Under the “other things you might like” are a bunch of sock knitting books. Sadly, I already have quite a few of them!

    Didn’t know how I felt about such an early release of the DVD. I suppose those of us who get it will also see it in the theater. Hoping the rest of the world will show up, too!


  2. childliketendencies says:

    I ordered it, too. Couldn’t resist. As much as I hate the skewed “authenticity” the makers pride themselves on and take no effort to correct, the movie as a story by itself is just so beautiful and moving.


  3. It is a certainty that even with the dvd in our possession, we will be first in line at the theatre when Testament of Youth arrives in this city! Don’t want to miss Colin on the BIG screen!


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