The Stage

The Stage.1

The big difference I think between TV and stage is definitely the immediate buzz that you get. And that’s not just as an actor, as an audience member you’re getting the chance to have this kind of two-way process where the actors and the audience are experiencing the same thing. With TV you often have to wait months and months down the line to actually get the pay-off. Whereas with theatre it’s a very immediate thing.  (Colin Morgan)

The Stage …the place where Colin’s career began, and the place to which he will always return.  It is easy to understand how exciting this must be.  There are weeks of rehearsal.  There are at least 3-months of nightly and matinee performances, sometimes more than that, to work on your character, to develop it, to try new things, to be part of a team who collectively strive to improve the performance. With stage plays actors have time to grow and polish the performance.

All this must be very appealing to actors whose interest in the art of acting is profound and dedicated.


11 comments on “The Stage

  1. Of course, our dilemma is that few of us ever have the chance to see him ‘on stage’. We are thankful for his attention to film and tv in that it gives us the opportunity to embrace his talent and share it with friends and family.

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  2. leahluna55 says:

    I have a dream: to see Colin on stage. Contemporary or Shakespeare play? Anyone.
    Only dreams come true! 🙂


  3. Twosocks says:

    “Dreams come true.” Looks like we may be having similar dreams! Ideal play? A one man show! But, let’s face it, he could stand up there and read the phone book and I would be okay!

    I had one year of drama in high school. The teacher always talked about maintaining “the illusion of the first time.” I don’t think Colin has any problem with that.

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  4. leahluna55 says:

    Jajajaja!!! 🙂 The Phone Book, I would be okay, too.


  5. maramac says:

    What I would actually love to know from Colin is where he expected his career to go when he started out on it. I mean, he must have had some dreams, some ideas what direction he wanted to go – and I don’t think he really expected anything so big to happen to him. (It must’ve been such a rude awakening to have to realise that the relative anonymity of being a stage actor was lost to the celebrity status that swallowed him up more and more with each year Merlin ran – I don’t think he saw himself as ever getting to that level of fan adoration.)

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  6. “I don’t think he saw himself as ever getting to that level of fan adoration.” We are agreed, Mara.

    I do believe Colin has prepared himself for where his ambition might lead. He has been very careful not to reveal the private side of his life knowing the dangers therein. He has learned to be gracious without exposing himself, personally, to the crush of fan behavior. And while his intent was never to become adored, he seems to be settling in to the way he wants to handle it.

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    • childliketendencies says:

      Ah but if you read very early interviews with him, he is so much less reticent about talking about himself. Most of the things we know about him are from that time, and a lot seems to be knowledge that’s in a way been drowned out. I remember late last year there was the Merlin Cast week on tumblr, and on the day for “favourite facts” about Colin I made a graphic about the time he lived in Glasgow, and a lot of the tags of those who reblogged it mentioned surprise because none of it had been known – even to longstanding fans. But all of it was from an interview he gave at the Glasgow film festival, I think when Island was promoted.
      So I think up to a certain time he still had hopes of being able to live a fairly “normal” actor life, but the last few years during Merlin the whole thing went out-of-hand, and then the whole Tempest fiasco just took it even a step further.

      So no, I don’t think he was so careful to keep the private stuff away from the fans from the start. I think it dawned on him what the consequences of it could be, sometime around Merlin s3, and he began taking care to present a front he was carefully building up.


  7. From youthful enthusiasm to more circumspect caution … experience is the teacher. Your observation is very interesting, Mara.


  8. Twosocks says:

    Mara–the interview talking about Glasgow. Is that the one where he talked about being so familiar with the city? He also talked about working odd jobs like pulling pints. I think some fans just think these people appear out of nowhere fully formed. And not wanting to acknowledge the years of work, sweat and probably a good number of tears it took for them to get to where they are.

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    • childliketendencies says:

      Yes, that’s the one.

      He was talking about working in an irish pub, having played ultimate Frisbee and working in the local cinema. Colin’s pretty much like a ton of other Irish guys I used to know, and it’s quite funny that he now has this reputation for being a socially awkward innocent boy with nothing but acting in his life. I highly doubt he is any such thing – but that is partly how he’s perceived through Merlin, and partly how he’s built up his public profile.


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