Catherine Tate & Dr. Who

Vernon God Little’s 4-week run, May 13-June 09, 2007, gives ever-restless Colin Morgan plenty of opportunity to engage in other projects before the end of the year.

Enter Colin’s first TV appearance.  The Catherine Tate Show, 2007 Christmas Special.  A delightful light comedy sketch in which he portrays the embarrassed gay son of a family not the least reticent to announce his inclination to everyone and anyone they meet.  We have definitely returned to the lighter side.  🙂

Then, midway through 2008, he portrays the Emo space boy Jethro Cane opposite David Tennant, in a Doctor Who episode, “Midnight”, which aired 14 June (UK) and 11 July  (US).

Jethro.1   Jethro.3

The Production of Merlin’s first season began March 2008, filming in Wales and France, three (3) episodes at a time.  It would seem Colin did some interesting juggling of schedules to film Midnight and return to Merlin, taking time in between to remove the black nail polish. 😉

It is interesting to note that Alice Troughton was the director on this Dr. Who episode.  Ms. Troughton directed several Merlin episodes thereafter.

Merlin started production on Season 1…March 2008 … and continued through the end of October.

Air Dates: UK – 20 Sept-24 Dec, 2008.  The First episode aired for US  – 21 June, 2009


2 comments on “Catherine Tate & Dr. Who

  1. Twosocks says:

    The only person I’ve ever seen whom I thought looked good in black nail polish!


  2. I just finished watching this 10 minutes ago. I didn’t realize that I had Dr. Who on Netflix until I was browsing through it late this afternoon. I had only seen snippets of “Midnight” online, so it was fun to watch the whole episode. 🙂


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