Returning to Merlin S02.

 2009 finds Colin returning to film the second season/series of Merlin.

The Second Season, of course, continues the story.  We find out that Merlin’s powers are becoming more impressive. We have an opportunity to see Arthur face his selfish behavior.  We learn the secret of Arthur’s birth.  We learn that Morgause and Morgana are half-sisters, though Morgana is not yet aware of that fact. We learn that Merlin is willing to lie to Arthur to save him from a terrible act that could haunt him forever.  We find that Merlin can fall in love.  We discover a secret in Merlin’s past.

Lady Lake.2 Merlin's loss

In an emotional story set between the two shown above,

Kilgharrah tells Merlin he must kill Morgana to stop the the fall of Camelot.  This is a terrible choice, for Merlin still feels Morgana is a friend.  Here is the struggle for our hero.  Two choices, both of them terrible … one of them totally against his nature … and yet no other answer presents itself.  The sickness is taking over … neither he nor Arthur will last much longer … so it must be done.  And Colin’s performance here is filled with all the anguish of this unimaginable decision.  He is torn … he is in emotional pain … a part of him is damaged and the bloom of naive youth is shadowed.

Fires.Idirsholas.2 Season 02 lingers with us.  Colin’s talent shines. The stories are wonderful.  The acting is excellent.  There is warmth, love, joy, secrets revealed, and tears shed … emotional and memorable.  You only have to watch Colin’s face to become a fan forever.


2 comments on “Returning to Merlin S02.

  1. Twosocks says:

    Another great review. Merlin becoming more aware of his powers but also of the terrible difficulties he faces because of it. I rather like the first episode, too. Along with the humor, the scene where Sigan lays before Merlin all the glories his power could bestow and Merlin realizing “I don’t want that.”


  2. leahluna55 says:

    Beautifully described! This season ends with my favorite episode, the one that made me fall in love with Colin: The Last Dragonlord. ❤


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