Fergus Higgins

possible Fergus

The grass hasn’t time to grow under Colin Morgan’s feet !!!

The Scavengers is described as a modern day ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ set in the Wild West of Ireland. It appears Colin’s role is Fergus Higgins.  The story is, well … most unusual, and one can even see Colin in its pages, strange as that may seem from the brief introductory description of Bonnie and Clyde.  You can read a more thorough synopsis at the following link.  This is another one to watch with anticipation.  It does appear one rather dark comedy … a favorite genre for Colin … and Colm Meaney as well.  (‘Tis, perhaps, an Irish thing!)

Irish clover


A little about the Producer:  Jonny Paterson, a native of Scotland, began producing on his own under his UK based JP International Productions banner in 2012. He currently has a full slate of projects at various stages of development and pre-production, including the Hollywood blacklist screenplay The Scavengers”, set to shoot in Ireland at the start of 2015. “The Scavengers” will star Colm Meaney (“Star Trek”, “Con Air”, “Get Him To The Greek”), Colin Morgan (“Merlin”, “The Fall”, “Parked”) and Sarah Bolger (“In America”, “Spiderwick Chronicles”, “Once Upon a Time”).

And the Screen Writer:  Nate Rufus Edelman (Playwright) is a writer and director for the stage and screen who divides his time among New York City, Los Angeles and Ireland. His stage plays have been produced and developed at The Cherry Lane Theatre, The Vineyard Theatre, Firstlook Theatre, the Celtic Arts Centre, FirstStage, EST/LA, Antaeus Theatre Company, Bank of Ireland Theatre, Samuel Beckett Theatre and the Road Theatre. His screenplay, “The Scavengers,” was on “The Black List” and is in development.  Nate was educated at University of California, Santa Cruz, Trinity College, Dublin and received his MFA at New York University.


6 comments on “Fergus Higgins

  1. Possibly three months of shooting this … then on to 1916 Rising. Just a guess.


  2. He is, indeed, very busy! It makes me wonder, with these up-coming projects, whether or not he will be involved in Season 3 of The Fall. There’s no mention of Colin in any of the articles I have found regarding it.



  3. leahluna55 says:

    Interesting! Colin and Colm Meaney together again.
    Is this confirmed?
    The Scavangers is also a comic.


  4. Sorry to say, I have seen nothing more on ‘Scavengers’. It may be in the closet for the time being.

    Liked by 1 person

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