The Rising … Steady Progress

Filming for The Rising is scheduled to begin in October with hopes that it will be released during the historic rebellion’s highly anticipated centenary year.

This article from the Portadown Times mentions that Kevin McCann’s company is seeking investors for an additional $3 million euros.  The figure $6 million had previously been mentioned, so we can hope that they are over half-way to their goal.  Mr.McCann’s determination will see this film to its successful conclusion, we are convinced of that.

In the meantime, we can enjoy again this wonderful reading of Sean’s last letter to his family and friends.


6 comments on “The Rising … Steady Progress

  1. Twosocks says:

    This had me a bit worried. I was under the impression the project was already fully funded. I would like to see some American investors. I think it would give more of an incentive to publicize it here. I do like that more articles are now referring to Colin as staring in The Fall and not just Merlin.


    • It’s the problem with these quick headlines. Many commenters are not careful with their language … they go for ‘impact’. I trust them little. The initial funding gave them enough to get started, but these projects take much time and diligence to become fully realized. Mr. McCann’s persistence is the film’s best ally for arriving at its goal. Suntse


  2. Mr. McCann has been seeking investors here, as well … Boston and New York. A North American premiere is planned for the film … See post dated Dec 18, 2014.


  3. Twosocks says:

    I had seen where he was coming to the US and I like the idea of The Rising becoming a more international film. Did see where they have explained the funding a bit more and put out a production schedule. Definitely makes me feel better. I know many people want this film made and I am sure are working very hard to make it so. I suppose we just have to keep the faith!

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  4. Mr. McCann said he would be travelling to the US to attend events and hold investor meetings between April 12 and May 12.

    Information on the movie can be accessed on or people can join Facebook.Com/1916movie.

    We can hope that our Irish-American brothers and sisters will put this film’s funding goal over the top!

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  5. childliketendencies says:

    Hey. Just saw this topic popping up in my emails and since I had a moment….

    I’m severely mistrustful of this entire project by now. To me, it has unsound marketing, a terrible social media presence, and it doesn’t actually look like this is ever going to be made. When the Kickstarter was around after Colin was signed up, the message with it was that production was starting in March, and the only funds still missing were whatever the Kickstarter would bring. There was no question of the main amount still Needingworth to be found.

    I wish them well, and I really would love to see Seán’s story told as in the more recent books about him, but I have absolutely no faith in McCann getting to it anytime soon. Not anymore.


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