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 Laim Neeson

Liam Neeson will narrate a series to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. The three-part documentary series, entitled 1916: The Irish Rebellion, will be broadcast on Irish television next year. The documentary will also be shown in Irish embassies across the world.

The documentary is being funded primarily by the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and RTE, according to reports in the Irish Times. The primary aim of the documentary is to ‘show how the Easter Rising was not only a pivotal event in 20th century Ireland, but also an event of international importance.’

Question:  Do we think this will enhance or detract from Mr. McCann’s efforts to bring The Rising to its completion?

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2 comments on “Another View

  1. Twosocks says:

    My first thought is–bbcdiscovery is my best source for up to date information. I think it is entirely appropriate that they make some kind of documentary about 1916. I am hoping it really is a documentary with photos from the actual time, etc., and not like The Tudors and Vikings, which to me are more about entertainment than education. Liam Neeson seems like a pretty good choice–a well known actor with a good voice who is also Irish. Perhaps it will encourage some people to watch who wouldn’t ordinarily. Hoping they eventually put it out on DVD.

    No idea, really, as to it’s impact on Kevin McCanns The Rising. Might bring a few more people into the theater, which is good. The one thing I am afraid will be missed in either is how long and hard Sean MacDiaramada worked all his life not for just a free Ireland but a better Ireland. I feel like he was more of a practical man, and not the romantic dreamer or social revolutionary as some of the others were. There is a documentary currently on YouTube on his life. Just plug his name in the search engine and it comes up. Didn’t realize there are also ones on the other signatories, so want to watch them as I get the chance. I would recommend the book ‘The Mind of the Revolution’ but it’s current price tag is prohibitive. Someone needs to rerelease this book, if nothing else as an ebook.

    Again, thank you so much for your diligence in keeping us so well informed.

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    • And thank you for mentioning the YouTube series, which is so well done. The actor who played Sean in this series was one of the first to recommend Colin for the role. He said he’d love to play it again but has become too old. 🙂


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