Second Exotic Marigold Hotel

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Delightful, charming, and Very Colorful! A lovely afternoon’s entertainment … favorite actors … enthusiastic story … beautiful old-world architecture … a main character who is awkward, loveable, irrepressible, excitable, even sometimes a bit exasperating, but we just want him to succeed.

Maggie Smith has a wonderful way with tart one-liners (“How was America?” “Makes death more tempting.”).   And, of course, an admonition on the proper way to serve tea.

The wedding scene at the end is not to be missed. From the beautiful saris, so filled with color and interesting adornments, to the wedding dance that, at the very least, keeps us moving in our seats.

Find a moment and fit it into your week-end for pure enjoyment.

We do love this comment from Rex Reed in his review:

The illustrious cast is back, in case there’s someone out there who forgot there was such a thing as taste and talent alive in the world …


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