Ireland 1916 .. The Rising and the New York Times

1916 NY Times.1

After the Easter Rising began on April 24, 1916, Irish America waited, rapt, for news from Dublin.  Above: A headline from the New York Times.

In fact, the Easter Rising so captured the attention of the entire US that, in the midst of WWI, it occupied the front page of the New York Times 14 days in a row.  Coverage began on April 25, with the news that, four days earlier, Sir Roger Casement had been captured by the British after attempting to bring German ammunition into Ireland and the German vessel carrying the arms was sunk.

Reading the articles offers a fascinating look into how news of (and misinformation about) the Rising spread across the Atlantic in the days and weeks that followed.

… There was no mention, however, of the rebellion that had started the day before with the seizure of the General Post Office in Dublin. The Times began reporting on the Rising itself on April 26, with the headline “TROOPS CRUSH REVOLT IN DUBLIN; TAKE POST OFFICE SEIZED BY RIOTERS; MANY KILLED IN STREET FIGHTING.”

It has been reported that Mr. McCann arrives today, April 12, 2015, to continue his US fund-raising efforts.


One comment on “Ireland 1916 .. The Rising and the New York Times

  1. Twosocks says:

    This was so interesting, Suntse, to see how Americans were ‘allowed’ to see the Easter Rising at the time it was taking place. Especially, to me, how Irish Americans viewed Germany. We tend to see historic Germany through the lense of WWII, and forget that a large number of immigrants to this country were German and must have sympathized with Ireland’s problems.

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