The Rising … the work continues.1

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The following are excerpts from an article in The Anglo-Celt dated 11 April 2015:

Kevin McCann will attend events and hold investor meetings between April 12-May 12, travelling to New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and LA as producers meet with potential US investors.

The latest script draft by Colin Broderick and Mr McCann has recently been written in Estonia and the casting director is attaching stars to the main roles. Colin Morgan, one of the brightest up-and-coming Irish screen stars, has already been cast in the lead as MacDiarmada.  The producers have received backing from relatives of all 1916 leaders. Mr McCann has also got the seal of approval from Sinead O’Connor and The Pogues’ frontman Shane McGowan. Both have promised their involvement in the project, the latter in contributing to the on-screen score for the planned feature-length movie.

Mr McCann will be in New York on April 24 at the consulate general. The date is significant in that it makes the one-year countdown to the centenary. From the US, he will travel to Cannes to drum up further support and publicity for the project.
He is now optimistic of securing the remaining funding he needs and plans to hold auditions in “early Summer” going into production in the Autumn for release in time for Easter 2016.

Those looking for further information, can view the website on Facebook at 1916movie or email:


4 comments on “The Rising … the work continues.1

  1. Persistence … that’s a primary mover in getting these things done. Good for you, Mr.McCann!.


  2. This link to this article was posted on “The Rising” Facebook page today. It’s an interesting article that includes a paragraph with an outsider’s perspective on the persona of Sean MacDermott (the name version used in the article). In reading those few sentences, I got a tingling, as I could so very clearly see Colin in that role as described.

    I hope this project goes through – I would love to see Colin do this.


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