“Turn” & AMC … an opinion

This is pure opinion … well, maybe all blogging is pure opinion. Not a fan of gore, definitely not decaying zombies or werewolves … an occasional vampire, perhaps, but never the self-centered world of Madison Avenue.  Generally discouraged with 80% of American offerings, I have found BBC programming much more to my liking. This by way of saying, AMC has not been my personal choice for tv viewing.

However, here comes an AMC offering completely pleasing, interesting, well-done, with a hint of history that presents both admirable and less than admirable characters from both sides.  It’s the American Revolution.  And, the Red-Coats are not all unlikeable, nor are the Rebels all heroes.


Done, much as Merlin was done, with Cinema quality cinematography, editing, and beautiful presentation, it is a pleasure to watch.  The small details of the conflict have me harkening back, looking up trivia, and getting interested again in this event that led to the creation of a new nation on the world stage.

Offering number 2 is coming in June.  The promise of “Humans” gives hope that this trend will continue, especially given that AMC has closed a co-production/distribution deal with UK production company Kudos and Channel 4 for their sci-fi drama Humans.


10 comments on ““Turn” & AMC … an opinion

  1. Twosocks says:

    Suntse, I think I may have come across this one before and wondered how it was. Is ‘American Revolution’ the title? You know I like the history stuff. Don’t mind some blood and gore, but ‘no thanks’ to vampires, etc. Just don’t see the point.


    • This one is called “Turn: Washington’s Spies”. It is ‘finally’ coming up on IMDb … took some time for that to happen. The lead, Jamie Bell, is quite a fine actor. Something about the UK training, I wonder? He is a few months younger than Colin, born in Stockton on Tees. I caught up with the first season on a little-known, to us, website called FindTv.net. It is a streaming service like Netflix, so is usually a season behind. There are a lot of offerings, including Outlander. I enjoy it very much. Have to use my laptop, which is too old to connect to the tv. 🙂 Also, there is no close captioning, a drawback for me.
      Right now AMC is allowing streaming of the S2, episodes 01 and 02, on their website for a limited time. You might want to catch up with the plots and characters first though. Let me know what you think.


      • Twosocks says:

        Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake, so didn’t realize ‘Turn’ was the title! This isn’t actually the one I was thinking of–this one sounds like it’s better. The other (American Patriots?), looks like it was on the History Channel–and took quite a bit of ‘liberty’ in the telling. I hate that people want to glamorize and reinterpret (or completely forget) history. One night I watched Cris Mathews say something about our never having attacked England during the Revolution and found myself screaming ‘yes we did!’ Even fairly educated people buy into the sanitized versions.

        Okay, end of rant. Turn’s first season is available on DVD, so on my wish list. Looks like there are a couple good books out there about it, too. As always, thanks!


      • Just keep in mind that it is a dramatization, a fictionalized story using the recruitment of spies as a base, and not a documentary. Enjoy


      • Can’t expect you to have known that “Turn” is the title when I gave no real indication and did not include the quotation marks to so imply. I will go back and make the title more clear in the body of the text. Thank you!


  2. There are very strong hints of UK production choices present in this series. We can hope that the collaboration between AMC, Kudos and Channel 4 will long continue in the interest of quality tv for the US audience.


  3. It needs mentioning here: There is a Wonderful film titled,”Billy Elliot”. If you have not seen it, this is a good time to add it to your collections. It is another that can be enjoyed many times over.

    The point here is that Jamie Bell, Abraham Woodhull, in ‘Turn’ … is the actor who landed the title role of Billy Elliot (2000), winning the role in an audition that included more than 2,000 boys from the northeast of England.

    I promise you, you will love this film.

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  4. Twosocks says:

    I’m really okay with a dramatization. It’s why I prefer ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ over ‘Michael Coliins.’ I can see why film makers can get tripped up over ‘real life events.’ (I know there is some concern over ToY about this subject. Will wait to see the film before judging. PS. If you’re going to read just one book for ToY, read ‘Letters.’ It’s available as an audiobook–Audible and Itunes. Haven’t listened yet so no idea. Sorry to be a bit OT.)


    • Have read “Letters”. Like Colin I carried it around with me for a few weeks!


      • Twosocks says:

        I debated a bit about ‘Letters’ and whether to buy a fairly decent copy. So glad I did. It’s a treasure. A little reluctant to mark it up, but there’s so much in it, I’m considering going through another time and making notes. I have really connected with it a lot more than with Vera’s book.


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