ToY … new dvd release date


The dvd release date has been moved to 25 May 2015 in the UK, with a delivery date of June 2-6 for the US.



8 comments on “ToY … new dvd release date

  1. Will this be the last time it is delayed? (It’s just a rhetorical question … who can know the answer?)


    • I’m excited that it’s an early date than expected in North America. 🙂


      • Ah…but am I misunderstanding? The “delivery date” for US is delivery of the UK DVD…not release of a North American version DVD?


      • That’s right, it’s the UK DVD. The information came on notes regarding my order from Amazon.UK. I have not seen the dvd version for the film offered yet on Amazon.US, and I didn’t want to wait until it might show up. Perhaps it is offered elsewhere?

        I would imagine there is little difference in a North American version. Do you think there would be something different?


  2. No, other than the fact that I could play it in my DVD player. 🙂 However, I assume it will probably be released in theatres in NA before a DVD version is available. I guess Sony is the company controlling that. I see that Wiki has a release date of June 5 in the US.


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