The category for ‘Favorites’.

Mostly pictures and gifs … an appreciation for a face that can capture so many emotions … and bring out feelings in us of joy, laughter, sorrow, devastation, elation, anguish, tenderness … an unending list of deeply human reactions to events in our lives.

(All credit to the originator(s) of these wonderful pictures.  The work is not my own.)

Colin S1


Go, leave

Colin.Merlin Dragonlord

(source: farfarawaysite.com)





Not Quite The End


This seems a good place to end this thread … admonition noted!


28 comments on “Favorites

  1. We have created a category for ‘Favorites’.

    Pictures and gifs … not much in the way of comments … just appreciation for a face that can capture so many emotions … and bring out feelings in us of joy, laughter, sorrow, devastation, elation, anguish, tenderness … an unending list of deeply human reactions to events in our lives.

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    • Killian says:

      Can you please use unedited pictures of Colin instead of using other people their gifs and edits? Or at least make your gifs and edits? People work very hard on creating their gifs and edits. The edit you posted here has already been reposted on tumblr.

      You can find unedited pictures of Colin here: http://farfarawaysite.com/


      • Thank you for the web-site. … I am very new to this and don’t know how to edit pictures or create gifs. I admire this work and have no intention of claiming it as my own. My intention is only to share this beautiful work. I will place a disclaimer on the post.

        Since Tumblr reblogs over and over and over and over again, I am not sure why my reposting violates any etiquette. As you said, the pictures posted here have already been reposted by someone else.


  2. Twosocks says:

    Just sympathizing with you and Jennifer about running a blog. Besides just the technical stuff, what ‘belongs’ to someone else? It must be so hard to tell. None of the pictures either of you have posted have been new to me. I have LOTS on my iPad, simply ‘saving images.’ Of course, I don’t have a blog. I also wondered about ‘copyright.’ Thought about doing something about books. Is crediting (like in a term paper) enough and how much can you quote without crossing a line? Anyway, I admire your efforts and hope you both continue on.

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    • Thank you, Joan. I haven’t met Jennifer, but we must share the same problem. This was only one individual. In all my posts, starting In October 2014, there has never been another comment to question the use of any image. I use primarily Google images and Yahoo images, which I understand to be available for public use. Usually images that contain the creator’s name or studio in the content are to be avoided as they are generally perceived to be copyrighted. (As an example, there were several of these from ToY … Pink Unicorn and Neverif are examples.) The two I used for ‘Favorites’ have been saved in my pictures gallery for the past few years, along with many others, just as you and other fans have done. And as you have seen, these images get reblogged constantly to the point it becomes difficult to find the original source.

      This comment was interesting in that the complaint was that ‘someone had spent much time creating these edits’ and I was benefiting from their work. Of the two I used, the only editing visible was ‘cropping’ the picture … a picture taken by someone else, which was originally a screen capture from certain episodes. This should mean copyright restrictions would be the province of Shine or Kudos or BBC. Yes, cropping can be time consuming, as I learned when trying to emphasize Colin’s hands.

      I have no knowledge how to do a screen capture, but believe it takes special equipment, as do gifs. Most of these images are posted with the intention to share them in order to spread the word about Colin and his talent.

      As to your question, I believe it is rather like a term paper. Giving credit or foot-noting is generally accepted … though this is a layman’s opinion and not a legal one.

      Thanks for the support. It helps a lot! Suntse


      • Suntse, I agree with all you’ve said. I will avoid any photos that have a watermark or signature embedded in the photo. In my mind, they “belong” to that entity. archaeologist_d and the ones you mention are classic examples. I can definitely understand there being some concern if someone downloads those photos, removes the watermark or signature, maybe modifies the image, and then doesn’t give credit. I agree that’s not right. If I ever choose to use them, I will leave them as they are, signatures/watermark and all – credit is then given.

        I use Google images for my searches, and if I just-by-chance happen to find a website such as farfarawaysite that has a plethora of high quality images with no watermarks or signatures, then I’ve hit a goldmine, and one that I figure I’ve got full access to. Am I wrong to think that? I hope not. After I saw the comment above, I did give credit to the three main ones I found images I used for my photo post.

        I also don’t have a clue how to do gifs. I’ll leave that bit of expertise to the ones who do. 🙂


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      • Hi Jennifer! We hadn’t ‘met’ yet. 🙂
        A while back we had decided to use names for chat … our aliases! But only for those comfortable with that idea. It is entirely up to you. (I really like your screen name, by the way.)
        No, I think there is nothing wrong with that. The whole idea behind blogging is sharing … otherwise, why permit re-blogging?? Most tumblr sites very much consist of reblogging from others. I’m still not sure what Killian had in mind. If the pictures were hers/his, it was not mentioned. I gladly give credit when it is clear to whom that credit belongs, as I am sure you do also.
        Most of the pictures I use are obviously from screen captures, as it is those images which carry the emotion Colin displays in his performances. Studio shots are beautiful, but the impact is not the same.

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    • Twosocks, if you use WordPress to blog about Books … just use the Block Quote function and mention your source. As long as you are using excerpts and give credit, I believe there is no problem. I have quoted interviews and news articles several times on bbcdiscovery. In this day and age, reblogging and reposting have become so pervasive, it’s everywhere. Major newspapers reprint from other sources and from other newspapers. I have no idea where the ‘line’ should be drawn. It is a good question. Lines from books are often quoted in reviews. It is assumed that the reviewer has the author’s permission. If you learn more about this, please share with us. Thanks, Suntse


  3. Twosocks says:

    Thanks for the insight into blogging. Right now, just something stewing around in my head. I was surprised by the comment Killian made about posting pictures. We do this stuff all the time on Ravelry (it’s NOT just knitting!). And as far as things like cropping and even manipulating color, etc., it’s actually really easy to do on an iPad. I use my phone as a camera, mail it to the iPad or just use it directly. I have posted cropped pictures of my work over there, no problem. And I noticed how quickly those ‘watermarked’ pictures from the gala the other night got ‘cleaned up.’ (PS. A couple more good favorites! I am also rather fond of the pink sweater ones taken at the Globe and the ones with the purple checked shirt.)

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    • Good morning Joan, Jennifer, and all. I was up in the middle of the night and want to say: It appears Jennifer and I have good intent when we reblog from another person. Anyway, I spent a couple of hours finding the source of the first picture … which is a GREAT favorite of mine … and has been since I first saw it.

      I had seen reference to the faraway site, but had never tried to use it. That seemed the best place to start since I was sure the picture was from ‘Moment of Truth’. So I checked out all the screen caps with Colin wearing the chain mail and facing the same direction. Over and over again, not finding one that matched … still sure it had to be there somewhere. Then I noticed the entry for Promotional Pictures. Behold! It was the first one.

      Now, I must say it is evident the original editor did more than merely crop the picture. The picture was cropped beautifully and the brightness was dimmed to create a darker look … a look very pleasing to my eye. So, I have two ‘thank you’s’. First to the talented photo-editor (tried but could not find the original poster/editor) … and second to Killian who has led me to that amazing resource, which you, Jennifer, already use. It is going to be fun to try my own edits, though not for bbcdiscovery unless or until I make something worth posting, as I am a real amateur at this stuff. So, I am thinking to find a class to learn a bit more … because while cropping and adjusting brightness are within my range, the bits about ‘paint’, shading, etc. are far beyond my learning on my own.

      Also want to say: If I had done this beautiful work, laboring over it until it suited my idea of perfection, I would be elated to see it reblogged, which is a real statement of how others would have appreciated my artistic eye.

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      • leahluna55 says:

        No comments…this is huge…I’m late , which I feel grateful: “what our eyes do not see, our hearts do not feel (from Spanish” ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente”)

        Suntse, you’ve always been so respectful giving the credits to the editors and creators of gifs, no worries! but “nothing happens by chance, everything has a reason for being. I deeply admire your humility and ability to learn from the stones on the road and from others.” ❤

        Thought that for the new category "Favorites" we could share ours, too and say why. Can we do that? I think it'll be interesting.
        Sent you one already (original, maybe?). I prefer to have non edited Colin's pictures, although there are some edits that look like a piece of art, I do like them very much.

        Have a lovely Sunday my dear friends, Suntse and Joan. 🙂


  4. Twosocks says:

    Just saw where your post (with pictures) has been reblogged. Again, I don’t see the problem. I can see with original work like fanfic and fan art. But even there, people are building on someone else’s creations. Pretty much if you don’t want to share it with the world–don’t put it on the internet. Maybe sad but true.

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  5. leahluna55 says:

    Thanks for posting it! That captured moment has always touched my heart.


  6. Twosocks says:

    Certainly another good ‘favorite!’ Even only being a wannabe, all of this has been so informative. So, thank you Suntse for sharing and for your amazing blog.


    • And thank you for your continued good wishes! I had saved a picture I loved a few years back in the pre-blog days when I didn’t know a png from a jpg (?) Anyway, at that time I just saved it to a word doc. Have spent the last hour trying to figure out how to convert it to jpg so that it could be moved into the picture gallery. I was eventually successful! There it is now. Problem … I tried so many different ways, that now I can’t remember how I managed it ! 😀 (still laughing at myself over it!)


      • Twosocks says:

        Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying. Looks like in a Merlin phase right now. I have no way of forwarding pics, but perhaps you might at some point pick out a couple of Cathal? You know my special love for Parked. (The staring out of the car window ones are pretty good!).


  7. leahluna55 says:

    Thanks for the Dragon Lord and Calum. 🙂


  8. childliketendencies says:

    Ummm I saw the picture show up in my notifications for new posts. Hi ladies!

    Haven’t had time for anything but skimming the posts but noticed there’s an issue about posting original content / edits etc? No idea if this has been said yet but it holds like this:

    People endlessly reblogging pictures on tumblr does not eradicate the original source. The creator of a post is still mentioned so an edit or a photo will remain traceable. It’s different with reposts, when people take other people’s pictures and post them on their own blog – then the original source goes missing, especially if the original creator is not mentioned or credited. That is very much frowned upon. Worse when someone uses another person’s edit, with the watermark cropped out.

    But a lot of picture editors watermark their creations. (The first picture in this thread has a watermark in the bottom right corner, that should be easy enough to find – I put it there myself ;-)) Doing so ensures that unless someone crops it out and then claims it as their own, it doesn’t matter where it’s being posted outside of tumblr, people will know who it’s from. You can credit it specifically, or leave off the credit – the watermark speaks for itself.

    Now, the farfaraway site always likes to be credited for pictures if you use them as your source, so if you use promo pics or Screenshots from there, it’s common courtesy to mention them.

    Suntse, you mentioned you couldn’t find the original editor of the first picture. Is the watermark too dark on it? (usually, whenever you find edits with darker colouring and a slight 3D effect, they’re mine – I’m kind of alone in darkening everything, others just brighten pics or make them more colourful)

    I hope this helps in some way.


    • I will look for the watermark. If it does not suffice to credit you, please let me know and I will do so, I love the darker look, and this has always been a favorite. Perhaps I should give up this idea. I just wanted a silent thread where Colin’s face could brighten our day with remembrance. That is already being done on tumblr, although the many comments using f*cking hot, f*cking wonderful, etc. take away from the beauty for me. It appears that is more for tumblr to do.
      Thank you for the information and for the beautiful editing. You are very accomplished.


  9. Now that you point it out, I do see the watermark in the lower right corner. I don’t see similar indications on the other pictures, two of which are from farfaraway. Does that mean I can or I cannot use the others?

    Since pictures are very important to the look of bbcdiscovery, I would like to learn how to use them properly. Any advice you can give will be very helpful. I should like to continue posting but need to understand the guidelines.

    Without the pictures to enhance the posts, this would become quite dull and boring. Honestly, I would give it up if that were to happen. I wanted to create something interesting, but it is important that it also be lovely and inviting.

    Also, I have never been able to figure out how to reblog from tumblr to wordpress. My solution was to reblog to my tumblr, suntse, and then repost from suntse to bbcdiscovery. Does that work?


    • childliketendencies says:

      There’s no need to credit my edits with anything more, if the watermark is on there. Most of my edits have it, though there have been a few where I was in a hurry and forgot to add one – if so, it’s best if you actually give credit underneath. Same goes with any other edit you post.

      If you take Screenshots from farfaraway or another site, it’s enough to say so underneath a post, not underneath every single picture. With pics that have been unedited, but are from tumblr, check the source and credit That.

      I don’t know how to post from tumblr to here. In my WordPress days, tumblr didn’t exist yet.


  10. leahluna55 says:

    I’m sad “Favorites” ended like that.
    Still wanted some Calum. 😦


    • Leah, if you want more Calum, look back at the entries for Island. There were not many pictures posted for Island, and the detail tends to be soft focus, which tracks with the mood of the film, but does not lend itself to a sharper image. I think I have used almost all that were available in those posts.

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  11. The connection Colin had with this horse actually brings tears to my eyes. If you have seen any out-takes with the two of them, this horse, the one Colin rode as Merlin, never stops nuzzling him. There is clearly a devotion between them that transcends words.


  12. childliketendencies says:

    Oh and if you like my darker edits – all my Merlin edits are on http://wecce-on-baelfyra.tumblr.com/my-edits – with those you do need to make sure the watermark is on them because I posted quite a few without it


  13. Twosocks says:

    ‘Not quite the end’–Yay!!!! And thank you for Cathal, who always eggs me on to remember that life’s too short, just get off my butt and do it.

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