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The interview is great … as all of his are great … and always interesting.  My thrill with this one is that it is published in a major American newspaper with a significant readership.  The ball just keeps on rolling, gathering momentum.  There may come a day when it levels off and finds its place in the stratosphere … but for now the developing reach to an international audience continues to get wider and brighter.

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June 2nd !

Victor.1  In just moments (!) from now, Colin Morgan will step upon his first Red Carpet on American Soil.  For his Canadian and US fans, friends, and followers this is excitement personified.  The long wait is almost over.  Time to celebrate !!


“We sat and talked …”

Though I read the book several months ago, it is wonderful to see excerpts like this one set forth so beautifully.  If there is any tear left in my body, this scene will open the flood-gates and empty them all.


Thank you “Victor Richardson”.

Vera Brittain, May 1917:
[…] His head was still copiously bandaged, and one brown eye, impotently open, stared glassily into fathomless blackness. If I had not been looking for him I should not have known him; his face seemed to have emptied and diminished until what was visible of it was almost devoid of expression. ‘Hallo, Tah!’ I said, as casually as I could, self-consciously anxious to keep the shock of his appearance out of my voice.
He did not answer, but stiffened all over like a dog suddenly hearing its master’s call in the distance; the drooping lethargy disappeared, and his mouth curved into the old listening look of half-cynical intelligence. ‘Do you know who it is, Tah?’ I asked him, putting my hand on his. ‘Tah!’ he repeated, hesitating, expectant – and then all at once, with a ring of unmistakable joy in his voice, ‘Why – it’s Vera!’
All that afternoon we sat and talked. The world had closed in around him; he definitely discouraged the description of loveliness that he could no longer see, of activities that he could never again share, and at first seemed interested only in discussing the visits of his friends and the hospital detail of every day. But of his complete rationality there could be no question, and with time and the miraculous adaptability of the blind, the wider outlook would certainly return. […]

While we are waiting …

Akta Good Science Fiction: A Review of SVT’s Real Humans

This is a very interesting review of the well-received Scandanavian Sci-Fi series on which the forthcoming “Humans” is based.  We can only hope to do it as well.  (excerpts from Joe

After taking over the police procedural and the political drama, Scandinavian dominance of high-quality television has now moved onto Science Fiction in the form of Äkta människor, or Real Humans, SVT’s brilliant series about androids that has just started shooting its second season.

The stories are complex and deftly interwoven.  It will be worth your while to seek it out.

Creator Lars Lundström manages to weave together several distinct threads that explore our relationship with technology as only a story about robots can.  It isn’t just good science fiction, it’s good television, with deft cliffhangers and sub plots that merge seamlessly.  In these stories, we find love, hate, exploitation, crime, deceit, sexuality, companionship, and…

This is great science fiction and great television. … We may have to be happy hoping that the English-language remake is close to as good.

Leo and Mimi . It is their love for each other that rips at our hearts repeatedly throughout the series.

By Joe Hubris 06/06/13 …

Warning: If you are spoiler averse, you may not want to read the entire article.

We should also add this comment by Jon Brackley in answer to the question: “It’s inspired by a Swedish drama, Real Humans. How closely does it replicate that series?
J: We watched the show a long time ago – we watched all of it. The main characters are inspired by the original, but we’ve run with them and done our own thing. So they start off in a similar place to the original, but we take them on very, very different journeys.


Contemplating a move to the UK.  (Very impratical for me, I know!)  But the temptations are seriously large!

Humans is an eight part drama from AMC, Channel 4 and Kudos.

The series will be made available in the UK on Channel 4 on June 14, 2015 and in the US on AMC on June 28, 2015.

Our British friends have two weeks to tell us all about it!  I’m NOT looking!!


Interview: A bit about Leo

We are very grateful for these interviews regarding Colin’s ‘take’ on the characters he portrays.  Link to complete article follows.  Here is an excerpt to tease your interest … as if we needed to !!

Can you tell us a bit about Leo?  … In Colin’s words …

Leo is a man on a mission, a man who’s hunted, haunted, determined to get the answers that are bumping around inside himself. He needs to understand who he is, his place in the world and the reason for his existence and that’s what drives him through the show. He’s on a quest. He’s looking for answers and his irrepressible sort of determination to get those answers is what drives him through the show.


(thanks to mywhisperingmind for leading us to this image)

Anytime we read Colin’s comments we are reminded:  The man is Brilliant!!

The conflict dealt with in the show between humans and synths is one of high tension.

… It presents so many questions, because giving something life comes with a level of responsibility. And while it doesn’t so much tell you about the synthetic itself, I think it very much reflects your own perceptions. Because what is so interesting about introducing this type of technology into the world is that it tells us so much more about ourselves and our own prejudices.

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