Turn: Washington’s Spies … A Villain ??


Turn: Washington Spies … a very interesting AMC tv series

What is it about the Rascally Robert Rogers that is so appealing?  Perhaps the Scot accent … perhaps the fierce independence … perhaps the “no man will tell me what to do!” attitude … perhaps the gleeful chuckle when he feels he will have the last word!

Whatever it is, Angus Macfadyen portrays it with gusto.  And even though he IS “The Queen’s Rangers”, as he says, and hires “mean sorts”, nevertheless, it is great fun to have his character bring vitality and a strange charm to this series.

Robert Rogers (Angus Macfadyen) in Season 2
Photo by Antony Platt/AMC


4 comments on “Turn: Washington’s Spies … A Villain ??

  1. Twosocks says:

    Not quite through episode one and wanted to say–this series is good, REALLY good! Thanks for the previous post. Not sure I would have known about it otherwise. Will definitely need rewatches as I can’t decide whether to watch the story or notice all the great detail like the inkle loom sash Rogers is wearing.


    • It seems to me the really good series are the ones we want to watch over and over again. I am on the second time through “Turn”, and now the ‘clues’, missed the first time, make themselves known as our frame of reference has broadened. (Thought about doing a post on this facet of intelligent, intricate writing.)


      • Twosocks says:

        I can already see that there are intricate relationships that may take a bit of figuring out. This is why history is interesting to me. It is never black and white and not about dates and places. It is about people. Looking forward to that post. (Sounds like the writer’s block may be gone!).


  2. Twosocks says:

    Watched another episode (maybe two) and this gets better and better. The story is becoming so much more complicated. And so many little historic details! Using churches to keep horses because they already had ‘stalls.’ And trying to find a pattern like that grey knit cap he wears is driving me nuts! It will be interesting to see how American treatment of officers progresses. At the time, shooting one was a no-no. That changed and one of the things Wellington learned from us–shoot the officers first!


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