Turn: Washington’s Spies … An International Cast

In addition to being beautifully mounted and photographed, with accompanying, haunting, period music and lyrics, this very interesting AMC series has a cast gathered from England, Scotland, Wales, the US, and Australia.

turn cast.1

Jamie Bell, Billington, England . Seth Numrich, Minneapolis, MN, US . Daniel Henshall, Sydney, Australia . Heather Lind, Upland, PA, US . Kevin McNally, Bristol, England . Burn Gorman, Hollywood, CA, US . Angus Macfadyen, Glasgow, Scotland

turn cast 2

Entire Cast and Crew listed on IMDb, if you wish to look further.


2 comments on “Turn: Washington’s Spies … An International Cast

  1. Twosocks says:

    This post struck me after getting a start at reading ‘Washington’s Spies.’ Quite a bit about ‘Major’ Rogers who was also an equal opportunity employer. Along with Scots he recruited Indians, Irish and Spanish. I’ve begun to notice definite different accents among the characters. I can’t begin to place them but one more detail that makes this program feel so real.


    • Major Rogers’ father was immigrant Irish, who settled in northeastern Massachusetts. Alluding to Scots-Irish for Robert Rogers, and enjoying Mr. Macfadyen’s performance in any case, there has been little objection to his heavy Scots accent.


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