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Looking over several reviews about Turn: Washington’s Spies, I came upon a comment wherein the reviewer disagreed with the writers’ choice of a passive hero, finding it difficult to admire such a man.


It seems to me there is every reason to admire a man who was reluctant to get involved but did so in spite of that fear; a man who had to keep to the shadows to protect his family,   It also seems reasonable that he must not exhibit any change in personality or inclination in order to avoid suspicion and putting the cause at risk.  It can be an inspirational triumph to watch this man take on a role which terrifies him, and yet he continues to participate in a significant way to aid his compatriots in this mission.

The reviews found at the following link are all in support of this series and reflect our thinking on AMC’s wonderful effort.  Turn is definitely our idea of quality programming.    Bravo AMC!   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2543328/reviews


3 comments on “A Comment

  1. Twosocks says:

    I was googling through some Turn reviews yesterday and kept thinking ‘really?’ The main objection seemed to be that the hero wasn’t heroic enough! He’s a farmer in a small town trying to provide for his family. He ends up going against the largest empire in the world. And he does it with no cape, no special powers, no big iron suit. Have we become so enamoured of fantasy heroes?


    • Apparently many have, but not all. It gives me hope. If you looked at the comments on the link, you would be encouraged, I think.


      • Twosocks says:

        I did read through the comments and liked that there are people who appreciate something more real. One in particular struck me talking about how people lived at that time. Having worked at historic sites it is amazing how little people today know about the lives of their ancestors. I applaud AMC for giving us at least a glimpse of our past.


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