Colin Comments on “Humans”


Making us Smile Again

The picture is fun.  I love the article.  We are printing excerpts below of some favorite comments.  Link provided to read the complete article.

Colin remains for us an introspective and interesting man.

* Humans originally is a Swedish series. Did you watch that when you got the part?

No I didn’t, I went at it for what it was, how it was written. I wasn’t really interested in seeing another version that had been done before. It’s not like a Shakespeare play, where countless actors have played the part. I wanted to put my own stamp on it, that was really important. For me, it’s about playing the character from instincts instead of already having an idea in your head.

* Robotics is one of the central themes of Humans, did you have an interest in it before you got the part?

– when you give someone the ability to think for itself and be on a par with a human do you then afford it the rights of humans?  Where do you draw the line? It’s a comment of technology but also a comment on ourselves and our arrogance. Do we programme it with our way, which we deem the right way, or let it think for itself.

* Are you into technology yourself?

I’ve described myself before as a bit anti social media. I’m not into Twitter or Facebook. When I socialise I like to do it face to face. I think a lot of people prefer to look at their screen than someone’s face and that’s happening more and more. I’ve got my phone and laptop but I don’t rely on them so much, or substitute them for reality. I do see that social media is great for people that benefit from it in positive ways, but I just wonder how long it takes before it has a negative effect.

* What were some of the challenges when filming Humans?

A big thing was getting into Leo’s head. He has a lot going on in there all the time so it was important for me to be able to define what had happened to him and how it affected him. He has a constant tug of war going on inside his head. The writers really challenged all of us in the show and I think the drama and psychology of Leo was the biggest challenge for me.

* Let’s speak about your fans for a moment – you’ve got a lot of them! How do you deal with the craze that comes with your name?

I suppose I don’t really deal with it. I feel like I’m able to go about my life normally except for the odd occasion when someone recognises you. It’s obviously strange when it happens but the other side of it is that’s nobody’s coming up and throwing an egg in your face, people are always very nice! It’s part and parcel with what being in the public eye is. When I just did theatre I’d go there, do my job and go home but as soon as I did some TV work the next theatre job was completely different! A little part of me was gutted that suddenly it wasn’t just about being on stage and performing, I was a part of celebrity culture that I wasn’t used to. It’s strange, I don’t know if anyone ever becomes used to it.

Photo by Neil Bennett, Hunger Magazine


8 comments on “Colin Comments on “Humans”

  1. I’m struggling about whether to share this on Tumblr. I haven’t been sharing the last several posts there. Still deciding.


  2. Twosocks says:

    Colin’s comment about ‘being gutted’ has been roaming around in my head a bit. And while I can appreciate that this was not something he wanted, for some of us it was a strange blessing. I’ve not gotten the chance to go to London to actually see one of his plays, but I have acquired, and read, the scripts. I’ve also learned a bit about Irish history, have a stack of books I never would have read otherwise, learned that performances at the Globe are available on DVD. . .I’ve also met some very nice ladies! So, once again, thanks Colin.


    • If there were not such a clamor, such a tumult around his presence, I think it would be easier for him. It is difficult to know that such a private, introspective man cannot pursue the art he loves without giving up some of the personal privacy he seeks. He gives up a part of himself to be accepting of his fans’ adoration … and this is not easy or comfortable for him. It seems to be mostly the ‘stage door effect’, (after TV), of which he speaks. I have a picture, which I will try to post on Chat, which I see as disturbing and and bordering on frightening … although it is a scene which has repeated itself many times.
      Without this aspect of crazy adoration, I believe we would still have access to his tremendous talent. The interviews and Red Carpet appearances would still happen because they are a more controlled aspect. What cannot be controlled is this ‘fandom’ need to examine every aspect of his life and person. Only the fans themselves can control this. Some of them do … many of them do not.


    • I found the “gutted” comment to be an interesting choice of words, as it really shows how much he loves his craft purely for what it is and for the joy it gives him, not for the adulation from the adoring public that is part of that. He seems quite comfortable in the spotlight in a formal, controlled environment, but fandom and chance encounters appear to be quite outside his comfort zone and desire, as much as he graciously accepts them as part of his life now.

      So…to change the subject…Hunger has released new photos. 🙂 There’s a getting-his-hair-done photo that is quite delicious.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Meant to respond this morning … but, alas, work called me. Wanted to say I’m pleased to hear Colin use much stronger language than he has in the past about the impact this ‘celebrity’ has had on him personally. Perhaps it will ‘hopefully’ help avid fans think twice before putting him in uncomfortable positions.


  3. Twosocks says:

    We have talked about this before and it saddens me, too. Plus I wonder how much it had to do with people coming to see ‘him’ and not coming to see the play. Though in the end, I hope it is his wonderful talent that will win out and that we have a long future of great performances ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am sure you are right. Even this aspect of his ‘celebrity’, which he has never wanted or sought, will not discourage him from continuing his chosen path. He is learning how to handle it and has managed to keep the ‘throngs’ at a manageable distance. His intelligence will win out, and he will become one of the most highly regarded actors of a generation. Of this, I am convinced.

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