Wonderful !!!

with the director of ‘s short film ‘The Laughing King’ in Blackpool. Source: .

1 hour ago

Short film making is great. 20+ cast and crew volunteering for a two day shoot for a project they believe in. Creatively they are always a little different too. Great to have actors like Colin Morgan and Kerrie Hayes involved on it.

10 minute short for @theCalmzone raising awareness of depression and mental illness in Men. #mandown


CEpszIHWIAAwJGx.jpg large

Always studying, always with the script in his hand … an inspiration to anyone with a dream.


4 comments on “Wonderful !!!

  1. I watched a short video about CALM. An interesting and worthy cause.

    I’m hoping the completed film makes it onto their website, as it would be great to see.


  2. leahluna55 says:

    Lovely picture with a stunning view through the window: the gull flying and the beautiful coast of Blackpool. In the foreground , a dedicated Colin Morgan reading or perhaps studying the script and a cup of tea. Colors are amazing, looks like a Vermeer’s painting. ❤

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  3. Twosocks says:

    This does look like it will be something special and hopefully a great help to CALM and the men they are trying to help. Also a good chance for those who appreciate Colin’s work to support a worthy cause.


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