A Mother’s Day Surprise !

Here’s wishing you ladies all had a wonderful day, celebrating with the ones who love you!


My day was spent with my first-born.  We spent a couple of relaxing hours chatting and visiting at a small, quaint coffee house before we took ourselves off to see a movie.  Our choice was ‘Woman in Gold’ … the kind of thing BBC does so well. We were looking forward to a quiet, well acted, involving story about one woman’s attempts to recover the art stolen from her family during the nazi occupation of Austria.  (Sorry, can’t bring myself to capitalize the ‘n’ word!)

Before the film could begin, I gripped my arm rest and was assaulted with 15 minutes of very loud previews … films filled with explosions, crashing, banging, war and mayhem.  I thought it would never end!  But, mercifully, the theatre allowed their audience to enjoy some quieter previews, and I settled in to see if there was hope for my viewing future.   First preview, second preview, third preview …. POP !!!  There, before my eyes, was the long anticipated preview of Testament of Youth !!!  I grabbed my daughter’s arm and almost jumped from my seat!  Mostly Vera and Roland, of course … but one, lovely, very quick glimpse of that face which by itself can light up a room.

Needless to say, I am so excited !!! Colin, at last, on the big screen in the US.  Colin, at last treating American audiences to his special brand of magic.  And at last, for the friends who will see this film, no more trying to explain his immense talent.

Is June really that far away !!!          happy


10 comments on “A Mother’s Day Surprise !

  1. Twosocks says:

    ToY is finally showing up on local theaters’ upcomings. Signed up for fan alert. Hoping it comes a bit locally. Looks like you had a good Mothers Day. Saw the previews of Woman in Gold when we saw The Imitation Game. It looked really interesting. Looking through the other upcoming movies–don’t people ever get tired of seeing rehashes?


  2. I do love Helen Mirren – she’s a wonderful actress. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see that one. And I would have done the same thing had I seen that preview!! Gasps and stomach leaps. 😀 Yes – June can’t come soon enough, for a couple of very good reasons.

    Sounds like you had a nice Mother’s day. 🙂


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