IMDb Title Page adds Colin Photo

The Rising: 1916


In the early 20th century, a handsome young man leaves a small family farm and becomes the mastermind of a rebellion that changes Ireland forever.


2 comments on “IMDb Title Page adds Colin Photo

  1. leahluna55 says:

    Saw the page, felt happy and proud to see him there. The Rising is getting close to reality. 🙂
    This is going to be so good for Colin’s acting life and CV.
    In love with this picture…dreamy eyes! ❤
    Thanks, Suntse! for keeping us aware.


  2. Twosocks says:

    I like the little description, too, especially the ‘mastermind of a rebellion’ part. While many of the others had a more public face, MacDiarmada deliberately kept a low profile and doesn’t get nearly enough credit, and not just for the Easter Rising. I really wish someone would republish MacAtasney’s book. There is so much more to the his story. Maybe they will with a movie tie-in cover. I noticed there is a ToY edition like that due out.


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