Another Perspective

Will he change our minds?
There is always more than one side to a person. (Good-bye to one-dimensional characters.)  We are looking forward to where this goes.  The series continues to be well worth watching here.

5 comments on “Another Perspective

  1. Twosocks says:

    I had seen preview pictures of Simcoe and liked the visual transition and wondered where this character was going to go. And he is such a strong character. I am getting closer to caving and downloading episodes on iTunes.

    One of my ‘knitting sisters’ is also a fan of Turn. I spent the weekend trying to duplicate Abraham Woodhull’s knitted cap. Learned something about historic knitting from a knitter in Wales and did a reasonable facsimile.

    To me, the best shows are the ones that help us learn a little. Will look forward to learning more about Captain Simcoe (did he get a promotion?).


    • Are you averse to ‘spoilers’?


      • Twosocks says:

        No. I have no problem with them. And I have very few things I haven’t watched multiple times. Plus I’ve read the book, though the two are different. My only hesitancy in downloading episodes is taking up room in the iPad. But I can put things in ‘the cloud’ now, so not as much of an issue.


  2. I do enjoy how Capt. Simcoe is developing as a character. As viewers, we saw the tension rise between the Simcoe and Mrs. Strong, and when it came to pass, it snapped in a way that I found wonderfully refreshing. Mrs. Strong spoke her mind, and Capt. Simcoe replied not with the rage of the bloody-minded (and I do mean bloody, as killing someone at dinner type of bloody) person he seemed to be, but with cool, sharp words which called her and the viewers out on their assumptions of him. Oh, he’s still bloody-minded, but now we see him as a clear manipulator bent on having things his way. I’m looking forwards to more.

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