Interview: A bit about Leo

We are very grateful for these interviews regarding Colin’s ‘take’ on the characters he portrays.  Link to complete article follows.  Here is an excerpt to tease your interest … as if we needed to !!

Can you tell us a bit about Leo?  … In Colin’s words …

Leo is a man on a mission, a man who’s hunted, haunted, determined to get the answers that are bumping around inside himself. He needs to understand who he is, his place in the world and the reason for his existence and that’s what drives him through the show. He’s on a quest. He’s looking for answers and his irrepressible sort of determination to get those answers is what drives him through the show.


(thanks to mywhisperingmind for leading us to this image)

Anytime we read Colin’s comments we are reminded:  The man is Brilliant!!

The conflict dealt with in the show between humans and synths is one of high tension.

… It presents so many questions, because giving something life comes with a level of responsibility. And while it doesn’t so much tell you about the synthetic itself, I think it very much reflects your own perceptions. Because what is so interesting about introducing this type of technology into the world is that it tells us so much more about ourselves and our own prejudices.


11 comments on “Interview: A bit about Leo

  1. Twosocks says:

    First thought–oh, geez, Colin, why not make this even harder on us than it already is! Need to take off for swimming in a bit, but want to come back later and give it a more thorough read. His interviews are always so great and well worth reading many times.


  2. leahluna55 says:

    …And Brilliant he is!!!!
    The only thing I can say (maybe I shouldn’t) is that each time I read Colin’s interviews (especially a new one) I fall in love with him, with his mind, with his soul… Am I crazy? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. leahluna55 says:

    His deep thoughts… I have no words!


  4. Twosocks says:

    Second reading and about half way through, for those of us who’ve seen The Imitation Game, brought to mind the scene where Turing is asking the policeman who is questioning him what it means to think and does it have to be the same for everyone.

    The subject matter is not entirely new. It’s been part of scifi for a long time–Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, Data of Star Trek, Hal of 2001 A Space Oddeysey, the droids of Star Wars, just to name a few. Will there ever be machines that are totally like human beings? Walking has turned out to be more difficult than originally imagined, but a lot of us carry around machines right now that ‘learn’ from us. How many of us have given any thought to the implications of that?

    I would like to include myself in the “crazy company” if it is all right! Colin’s interviews always give you not only insight into his thoughts about a role but also something for us to think about, too. I can’t recall anything he’s done that hasn’t stayed with me after watching it. Certainly looking forward to ToY, but I suspect Humans may be the one that really brings him to the attention of a much wider audience.

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    • Yes, 8 episodes, 8 weeks of Colin in the living rooms of people across the country, much more exposure than a film which will probably not be seen by the general public. I agree with Joan, we will be hearing about him from our own friends and co-workers regarding his role in the Humans tv series. For many of them it will be their first real look at our talented favorite. ❤


    • leahluna55 says:

      Welcome to the “crazy company”! Agree with you about Humans and for sure many people will fall in love with Colin/Leo.


      • Twosocks says:

        I think we may have just dubbed ourselves! Thinking I may have to get a job (maybe one with a water cooler!) so I can stand around and talk about the latest episode of Humans! Suntse, for some reason I am not getting emails on new comments. I am pretty sure I always check the notify button, but would not swear to it. I double checked this time.


  5. Twosocks says:

    Scratch the previous comment about emails. Things were a bit slow this morning and the confirm email said ‘no content’ and I probably just skipped it. It did have content, so things are probably just fine.


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