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Akta Good Science Fiction: A Review of SVT’s Real Humans

This is a very interesting review of the well-received Scandanavian Sci-Fi series on which the forthcoming “Humans” is based.  We can only hope to do it as well.  (excerpts from Joe Hubris.com)

After taking over the police procedural and the political drama, Scandinavian dominance of high-quality television has now moved onto Science Fiction in the form of Äkta människor, or Real Humans, SVT’s brilliant series about androids that has just started shooting its second season.

The stories are complex and deftly interwoven.  It will be worth your while to seek it out.

Creator Lars Lundström manages to weave together several distinct threads that explore our relationship with technology as only a story about robots can.  It isn’t just good science fiction, it’s good television, with deft cliffhangers and sub plots that merge seamlessly.  In these stories, we find love, hate, exploitation, crime, deceit, sexuality, companionship, and…

This is great science fiction and great television. … We may have to be happy hoping that the English-language remake is close to as good.

Leo and Mimi . It is their love for each other that rips at our hearts repeatedly throughout the series.

By Joe Hubris 06/06/13 … http://joehubris.com/node/90

Warning: If you are spoiler averse, you may not want to read the entire article.

We should also add this comment by Jon Brackley in answer to the question: “It’s inspired by a Swedish drama, Real Humans. How closely does it replicate that series?
J: We watched the show a long time ago – we watched all of it. The main characters are inspired by the original, but we’ve run with them and done our own thing. So they start off in a similar place to the original, but we take them on very, very different journeys.


8 comments on “While we are waiting …

  1. Twosocks says:

    This seems like Humans will be ‘based on the ideas’ of Real Humans. After reading the article, I’m okay with that as he went into a lot of detail about the story. Though it definitely seems like Leo and Mimi’s story will be front and center. So we will have a slightly different but equally exciting and interesting series. I did like the reference to ‘series’ as in more than one. We can only hope!

    You all may have noticed that I was a (huge) fan of Isaac Asimov’s. I think I read almost everything he wrote up until the newer Foundation and Caves of Steel novels–the old ones were eye opening at the time. I learned a good bit of science from him, too. So the mention of those ‘pesky Asimov’s laws’ brought a smile to my face!


  2. I’m not going to read the article in the link above – I glanced at it, but y’all know how I hate spoilers. 🙂

    Here’s another – much shorter, but Colin is quoted:


    (thanks to colinmorganismagical for the link)

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    • And, as much as the meaning is fairly obvious in the context given, I had to look up “anthropomorphize”. That’s a very large word. 🙂


      • Twosocks says:

        I assume something like ‘making something in human form?’

        I thought it was great that the one person they quoted was Colin (maybe they’ve found out what good interviews he does), and that his character, Leo, is involved in ‘the show’s central conflict.’ I can see Colin wanting to be part of that kind of story. So much to look forward to–and getting harder to wait!

        I only skimmed the other article. Not so much to avoid spoilers, but didn’t want to have too much of a preconceived notion of any of the characters.

        Think I may do some digging into the fact they keep mentioning Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates as talking about this subject. At some point I’ve read books by Hawking (science for the general public which I kind of understood), but I thought he usually stuck to things like black holes. And Bill Gates? I feel like it’s the ‘carrying around technology in our pockets’ that is really interesting right now. As always, Colin’s projects give me food for thought.


      • It means to attribute human form or characteristics to something that is not human. Like a Roomba or a Synth, I guess. 🙂

        Considering the writers of Humans have said they’ve possibly taken the characters in another direction, perhaps spoilers aren’t as much an issue as getting preconceived notions, as you say, Joan.

        In addition to spoilers, I also hate preconceived notions. 😀


  3. leahluna55 says:

    I read the article and had to look for “Roombas”= it’s a cleaning robot. It’s very cute and funny to watch…If I had one of those I’d name it something like “Filiberto”….jeje! it’s a joke….as Colin said I’m “anthropomorphizing” it. That word is the same as Spanish: “antropomorfo”= con forma humana (like human).
    It’s amazing! how Colin always makes me learn new words and new concepts like the iRobot Roombas and if that exists it means we’re closer to the Synths drama than we know.


  4. Twosocks says:

    My sister has a Roomba. She got it because vacuuming is difficult for her because of reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t move all the junk on her floor to actually be able to vacuum. I think it lives in the closet.

    After only a little digging, I found a place called waitbutwhy.com with an article about AI (artificial intelligence). WOW! Like I said it’s not the walking and talking part that’s scary. To be honest it won’t need arms and legs, it will have us to do it’s work, not the other way around!


  5. Twosocks says:

    Did i see somewhere that the writers were the same ones that are doing the Spooks movie? If they are, they also were the writers for season 9 of the TV series. It is rather infamous among Spooks fans and not in an exceptionally good way. Maybe not a total surprise if things have been changed.


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