The LA Times

The interview is great … as all of his are great … and always interesting.  My thrill with this one is that it is published in a major American newspaper with a significant readership.  The ball just keeps on rolling, gathering momentum.  There may come a day when it levels off and finds its place in the stratosphere … but for now the developing reach to an international audience continues to get wider and brighter.

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One comment on “The LA Times

  1. Twosocks says:

    This is the interview that sent me digging. It’s a wet, gloomy weekend, so good time to do some reading–There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there!

    Having these kinds of articles in a paper like the LA Times really would seem to step things up. And it doesn’t hurt that these are the same people that brought us Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Neither of which I watched, but you would have to be living under a stone not to appreciate this.


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