Oh, the time it takes!

clock.1  If you have followed the link suggested on the previous post, you will have noted that 2014 was the target date to begin shooting this film, “Waiting For You”.  Many films tread a long and difficult road from conception to inception to completion.  There are many steps: writing the screen play, finding funding, finding locations, producing artwork, then on to casting and shooting, followed by post production editing and finalizing.  We are the happy recipients at the end of this journey to enjoy and savor the fruits of many talented people.  We should applaud them all.


4 comments on “Oh, the time it takes!

  1. leahluna55 says:

    Like its name, this film was “Waiting For… the most convenient moment”.
    Big applause! Better now (2015) than never…


  2. Twosocks says:

    One of the nice things about getting a little bit of ‘behind the scenes’ on DVDs is realizing just how complicated merely organizing a shoot (or even a single scene) for a movie or TV series must be. As you noted, Suntse, so much to do and so many people. (I always wondered with Merlin whether there was one person just to make sure Colin was wearing the right color shirt!) It makes you feel like you should really sit there and read every one of those names that scroll through at the end!


  3. […] Oh, the time it takes!. […]


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