“It’s Happening!”

quiet laughter

Thanks to Leahluna for bringing this interview to our attention this morning.  It is quite delightful, and ‘Morgan’ again brings his observations and insight to tickle our brains and encourage our eager anticipation.

“We already anthropomorphise Roombas, the hoovers” Morgan laughs. “If you go to Amazon and read people’s reviews, it’s not ‘The Roomba does this’ it’s ‘He’s great, I love him, he does this…’ They’re already attributing human qualities… So when these things are in your life and they’re giving you the impression of love and the impression of doing things for you, what does that do to you?

He asks the questions to get us thinking, really thinking, about our hurried thrust to ‘advance’ science.  He explores drama as a means to bringing important examinations forward.  We should not miss this challenge while dwelling on his physical beauty.  There is a brilliant mind behind those penetrating blue eyes.


There is another quote, this one by Sam Vincent, which addresses this thought, as well.

A lot of different types of jobs are automated now,” says co-writer Sam Vincent. “Everything is automated with a kiosk now and there’s no guy at the counter. There’s a real explosion of that happening and we wanted to reflect those social and economic trends…If we had something like the Synths we have on our show, that effect would be magnified a hundredfold, and that was quite interesting. We’re really going quite deep into how society would change.”

Bring your inquiring mind to watching this series.  Perhaps it will give you another outlook worth considering.

“There’s a sex-robot hotel in Korea right now. It’s happening!” laughs Merlin’s Colin Morgan, who plays the mysterious Leo.

photo credit farfaraway site


8 comments on ““It’s Happening!”

  1. Twosocks says:

    When I was doing some digging the other day, ran across a site called waitbutwhy.com with an article about the AI revolution. I now understand why this is REALLY something we (or at least our children) should be thinking about. It’s a great article. Explains things very clearly. You don’t have to be a physicist to understand it. And he’s an entertaining writer.

    I liked the ‘what does it do to you’ quote, too. It’s not just about people losing their jobs or no longer having to clean their own house (the part I would be okay with!) but a whole revolution in how we see ourselves. Colin just gives so much though into everything he does. Wouldn’t you just like to sit around a table and listen to him talk! And I’m discounting the accent!


  2. I just saw this via Facebook! Lau beat me to it. 😀

    There’s also a link to a new photo released by Channel 4. Can’t get a larger version of it yet, but I’m sure it will surface soon. 🙂



    • Twosocks says:

      Yep! It’s out there. Try colinmorganismagical. If you don’t think these machines can learn–I no longer have to type this whole thing out. It knows what I’m going for about half way through. It not only knows a bit about me, it’s connected to a world network that’s connected to something called the cloud!


  3. Twosocks says:

    Have the rest of you noticed that, even though he was not originally listed as the lead actor, it’s Colin’s name (and picture) that keeps popping up! And I’m pretty sure we know why!

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