Victor’s Moments

Victor’s Moments …     Victor alone

The unassuming Victor is an integral part of the trio of boyhood friends. His gentle demeanor is a comforting presence, and we see that in the film. We see him enter from the side of the frame to sit quietly. He could be missed, so unobtrusive is he, but he is there, almost in the shadows, providing a strength on which they can rely. His friends called him Counsellor, Father Confessor, the one with whom you could share your secrets and concerns.

Victor exhibits signs of a youthful crush on Vera, smiling shyly from the sidelines. And though there are glimpses of him in several earlier scenes, the scene in the hospital is the most screen time we have of the two together.

At the hospital we see the results of Colin’s study at the Blind Institute. His observations taken from that visit inform his character decisions as the newly blinded Victor.

Victor’s unfocused stare … the unbandaged eye wanders, unable to fix on its objective. The rapid blinking, the angle of his head. His reaching out to touch Vera, first finding her shoulder to guide his hand, trembling fingers finding her face, unsure of her reaction, beautiful moments, though sad … and heartbreaking.   His determination to make the best of what has happened gives us brief hope.

In the end, his gallant refusal to allow Vera to spend her life tending him tells us a great deal about Victor’s strength of character, as well as his understanding of Vera’s nature … her basic need to follow her own dreams. It is a loving thing he does, perceptive and kind.


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