More “Humans”, with Colin

Thanks, Jen. For finding the link and for supplying the translation. 🙂

My Whispering Mind

An interview with Colin about “Humans”, and his role as Leo.

(Thanks to colinmorganismagical for the Youttube link)

(Thanks to Colinmorfan for the following transcript – direct copy ‘n’ paste)

Colin Morgan: What’s On TV interview transcript

Humans is a show that very much focuses on the effect of what the creation of a synthetic human being would have on society, and that involves these beings being integrated into the family, into the workplace, and into general society. And what it means suddenly for, for example in a family setting, for a mother to realise that a synthetic creation can be a mother better than her, can cook better than her. What is it like for a policeman to discover that some of these synthetic beings can service better than him, can achieve a better shot.

My character comes into the story from a conflicted point of view. There’s a…

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One comment on “More “Humans”, with Colin

  1. Twosocks says:

    Just another great interview. They get better and better. Thanks to you and Jen–plus several others–I can keep up with all the latest.


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