Connecting … An Observation

interviewscreenshot.. Colin’s attention is completely on the interviewer. He appears ignorant of the camera.  Not once does he look into the lens, but remains always attentive to the person asking the questions. Watching this unfiltered connection makes us feel as though he is including us.  His animation captures us.  The interview becomes symbiotic.  He is earnest and forthcoming, with no artifice.  We are drawn in.  We are more than an audience.  We are a participant.

We notice our reactions.  We smile, we laugh, we engage, we listen intently.  The effect lingers even after the interchange ends.  Such is his innocent ability to leave his mark upon us.

(photo source: mywhisperingmind)


One comment on “Connecting … An Observation

  1. Twosocks says:

    Suntse, your posts are always so spot on. Colin’s interviews are always so interesting and insightful and worth watching again and again.

    Liked by 1 person

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