Positives and Negatives

..Has working on Humans changed the way Morgan or Chan think about their own relationship with technology and social media?


“There’s a lot of positives and negatives” answers Morgan, “probably for me there’s maybe a few more negatives because I’m so anti-technology [laughing] that I think it’s getting a little bit out of control.”

Is that part of Morgan’s attraction to working in the theatre? It’s an experience that strips it all down to an authentic human exchange rather than something mediated by technology?

“I spent five years shooting on a show,” continues Morgan, “and one of the first jobs I did after that was doing Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre. To me, not only was that going back and doing theatre, it was also doing it at the Globe, which has no set, no lighting, no nothing, Shakespeare back to your classics, stripping. Mentally—I didn’t make it as a conscious decision—but mentally, I obviously wanted to strip away all the technology I’d dealt with for five years and wanted to get back to what it was about and why I did it in the first place, what the love of acting is about for me. To me it’s about good writing, a connection with people and the audience, and that live experience, that in-the-moment thing. I think it’s important to keep reminding yourself of that. That can transcend into real life as well. Maybe we can look each other in the eye a wee bit more and not have our phone on vibrate in our pocket, leave it at home every now and again [laughs]. Preaching over!”


2 comments on “Positives and Negatives

  1. I am forever inspired by Colin’s fondness for the natural order of things. We see it in his concern for the environment and for his strong desire to bring people together, to encourage interaction among friends, and to connect with people through genuine storytelling with purpose. ❤


  2. Twosocks says:

    Another great interview. And the mention of a possible second season?! 😊 Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room the other day, I had my phone out (I was reading a book), a couple asked me if I ‘texted and all that stuff.’ Like I inhabited an alien world. And it must seem that way to some. Did have a bit of a ‘staring into the future’ when I has typing the comment on your previous post. After two letters, my iPad knew what word I was going to use. This was not correcting my spelling and those two letters could have been anything. Perhaps the trick is to use technology as a tool to better things and not as an end in itself.


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