“Might” have a hit ??

tumblr_npzvwft4lF1r7wqjxo1_500 Also up:  One of the first reviews written after the first airing of the first episode of Humans:  Really enjoyed the comments … especially,

Channel 4 might have a hit on their hands with Humans


It was creepy, intriguing and a little bit confusing, and everyone lapped it up.

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2 comments on ““Might” have a hit ??

  1. Twosocks says:

    It looks like the ratings are right through the roof, too. Maybe the bit of delay here will actually help. If AMC has any sense, they will use this advance publicity to ramp up enthusiasm here. We definitely want this to go beyond fandom. Or make it universal!

    Reading the comments, my daughter has been using Siri to navigate us around town, not very successfully, while she makes disparaging remarks about this ‘woman’s’ sense of direction. I feel like one of the things that will make this series successful is that this is scifi close to home. While flying around at warp speed may be a wonderful fantasy, synths are a somewhat disturbing possibility! (Well that and, of course, Colin!)

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